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Fighting food waste through freebies

Would you willingly throw some cash directly into the bin? I’d imagine not, but that’s basically what you’re doing when it comes to food waste. You might not think much when you empty those gross kitchen shelves of sagging packets of spinach and loaves of stale bread, but it’s part of a global problem of […]

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DIY beauty recipes for your January

So, it’s mid-January now, and the luxury of Christmas spending seems all too far away. However, the chilly and unforgiving weather certainly isn’t, and if you’re getting less enchanted with your Nivea gift set by the day it might seem tough to think about how to look after your skin. So, what’s to be done […]

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Get an Irn-Bru cocktail in Glasgow while stocks last

Credit: @irnbru Twitter A.G. Barr recently confirmed the changes to the recipe that are in line with the government regulations on sugar. The sugary goodness will be reduced from 10.3g per 100ml to just 4.7g: great for our new year’s health kick, not so much for our taste buds. It’s supposed to be made with […]


Throwback Thursday: Games 🎮

Everyone had a favourite game when they were a kid. We’re not talking about playing tig in the park here, we’re talking retro video games. Some of the classics still get played to this day and with the questionable graphics, repetitive music and addictive play, we’re not surprised. 🎮 PAC-MAN The most popular game of […]

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A new arcade and ramen bar is coming to Glasgow!

The fact that another ramen restaurant is opening in Glasgow will hardly be ground-breaking news to local residents. With the likes of Ichiban, Ramen Dayo, and Temaki, the city can boast of having some of the best Japanese restaurants in Scotland. So, what makes R-CADE stand out from the crowd? Situated in the East End, […]


Figuring it out with Royal Blood

Ben Thatcher (left) and Mike Kerr Partying with purple painted toenails and dreams of driving a Rolls Royce – there’s more to Royal Blood than electrifying rock songs. Stepping on the Royal Blood rollercoaster the exhilarating ride of selling out arenas is not lost as drummer Ben Thatcher tells us. There are worse ways to […]


Let’s go to the movies… January 2018

All the Money in the World 5 January This mystery follows the kidnapping of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III and his mother’s attempts to convince his billionaire grandfather to pay the ransom. As the kidnappers become more hostile and violent the rush to rescue John intensifies. Be prepared for edge-of-your-seat viewing in this intense drama. […]