It’s Student Volunteering Week!

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We all know helping others is good for your soul – but volunteering can also do wonders for your CV. And with this week being Student Volunteering Week there’s no better time to start lending a helping hand.

The national campaign,  now in its 16th year, aims to raise awareness of the value of student volunteering. So what can you do to get involved? The answer is: plenty! Whether it’s visiting people with terminal illnesses (, helping children to read ( or building community gardens (, there are hundreds of opportunities that allow you to get involved and boost your skill set.
You’ll learn new skills, develop existing ones and can pursue areas that interest you such as gardening, animals or the arts. Go to for more information or take a look at some of our volunteering suggestions below! 

  1. Charity shop

You could spend your time in a charity shop, stocking the shelves, ringing through purchases, organising displays and helping customers. You’ll grow in confidence, get to meet new people and brush up on skills like money handling, customer service and visual merchandising.

  1. Youth group leader

From community youth groups to the Scouts and Girl Guides, there are lots of organisations working with youngsters who are keen to hear from those with a flair for working with young people. Great for those who want to develop their organisational skills, grow in confidence and have fun!


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  1. Hospital radio

Fancy yourself as the next Chris Evans or Nick Grimshaw? Get in touch with your local hospital to see if they have a radio station and how you can help. Some look for archivists, producers, hosts and volunteers to hit the wards and get song requests!

  1. Dog walker or cat cuddler

If you feel an affinity with our four-legged friends, contact your local cat and dog shelter and see if you can help out how you can get involved. Duties can include cleaning out cages, walking dogs, feeding the animals or simply keeping them company.


Taking Mr Bond through a Training session with Mary Mayhead at Caloundra Dog Training ☺🐾

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  1. Event organiser

If you can’t find a role that suits your needs or interests, why not organise a fundraising event for a charity close to your heart? You could arrange a Christmas fete in a community hall, organise a bingo night, set up a ball – there are no limits.


Are you already a volunteer? Or are you planning on lending a helping hand in the future? Let us know on Twitter! 

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