5 of the best summer fitness trends to try

Over pricey gym memberships? Yawning at the idea of Yoga? Maybe it’s time to shake up your workout. Summer is the perfect time to try out something new, get outside and even make some new friends. We’ve lined up our top summer fitness trends and activities that will kick start your motivation. Take a look…


  1. Cardio Tennis

What? Fancy getting your Murray on without the stress of sets and scoring? Cardio Tennis just might be the solution. This high energy fitness sesh centres around tennis drills, circuits and cracking tunes. Music blares as you run, skip, jump and whack your way around the court. Plus experts say it could help you burn around 600 calories in an hour – way more than a regular tennis match.

Perfect for… making friends. This group activity is the perfect opportunity to make some friends while getting fit.

Where can I do it? Head to www.lta.org.uk to find your nearest cardio tennis class or speak to your local tennis centre and see what they can offer. Alternatively most David Lloyds offer weekly cardio tennis classes, discover more here davidlloyd.co.uk.

2. Barre

What? A firm favourite with the likes of Millie Mackintosh and Alexa Chung – Barre is fast becoming the biggest summer fitness trends. Fusing together Ballet, Pilates and Yoga moves, it might look elegant, but you’re guaranteed to feel the burn.

Perfect for… strengthening your tum and toning your limbs.

Where can I do it? Virgin Actives nationwide. Get a day pass here.

3. Get Appy

What? Why splash your cash on a fancy gym membership when you can save the pennies AND work out in your PJs? Here are our top fitness apps:

ZOMBIES, RUN! (Free, iOS and Android) Your running route will never be boring again with this nifty little app. This is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, designed to keep you moving and entertained on those dreaded jogs. Each 5k run comes with its own episode in which you are a main character. You’ll become so hooked you’ll forget all about Netflix and be reaching for your trainers instead. 

Carrot Fit app (£2, iOS only) Using humour and punishment to motivate you into action, this app features a seven-minute workout (including “celebrity face punches”), a step counter and weight tracker. Let things slip and you’ll have deal with Carrot’s rage. 

8 Minute Abs app (Free, iOS and Android) An oldie but a goodie, this app does exactly what it says on the tin. Ideal if you need more ideas on how to keep that tum trim.

Perfect for…lazy days when you can’t be bothered dragging yourself to the gym 

Where can I do it? Anywhere – all you need is your phone!

4. British Military Fitness

What? Fancy yourself as an action man or woman? Prove yourself at this hardcore outdoor class where you’ll be pushed to your crawling, sprinting and jumping limits by ex military members.

Perfect for…providing motivation for those who find it hard to drag themselves to the gym,

Where can I do it? These training sessions take place in more than 100 parks across the UK – find your nearest class at www.britmilfit.com

5. Boxing

What? Who doesn’t want to look like Gigi Hadid? So a boxing class isn’t guaranteed to turn you into a world renowned supermodel with 20.5 million followers, but it’s a start! This high energy workout uses a combination of hand to eye co–ordination, balance and timing – no wonder celebs are going crazy for it.

Perfect for…it’s a brilliant stress killer. Have a bad day? Get in the ring and punch it out.

Where can I do it? Again, good old Virgin provide 60 minute boxing classes nation wide. Find out more here. 


What do you think? Are you tempted to try and new summer fitness trend? Let us know over on Twitter.

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