5 things to do now Love Island is over

We’re devastated – Love Island is over for another year. The ITV2 series finished on 24 July and the majority of the British population are now starting to leave the comfort of the couches that they have been attached to six days a week from 9pm for the last six weeks, leaving them unsure of how to function for that whole hour that is usually filled with Island drama, romances and of course bromances – I’m looking at you Kem and Chris…

Not to worry Love Island viewer, this is a list that will help you fill the empty void between 9pm and 10pm – well, until Love Island 2018 starts anyway.

1. Go back and rewatch every time Montana was eating during drama in the villa, her need for a snack every time there was drama kept our spirits high and gave us hope that maybe one day we too can become the human version of the Kermit the frog drama meme.



2. Go on Twitter and scroll down all of the gifs about Chris’ spelling Jason Statham like ‘Jason Staythumb’ and smile back on the dear memories of the best six weeks of your life.


3. Take yourself back to 2002 and marvel at the wonderful human that is Marcel as you belt out the words to Crossroads and remember how shy he is about speaking about his Blazin Squad days.

4. Go online and scroll through the large variety of Love Island merchandise and put three t-shirts with all the best quotes, a Blazin Squad hoodie, a water bottle and a custom notebook in your basket but then you remember that all that stuff is 100% not your type or your bank account.

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5. Final suggestion is that you stay huddled up on your couch waiting for the reunion episode on Sunday, but while doing so remember all the best moments from villa, all the ups and downs, the challenges, the dates and of course all the drama. It’s been the best and the worst of times and now we must wait for 2018…

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