69 new emojis on the way!

Courtesy of Emojpedia

Whether you’re a face palmer 🤦🏾‍♂️ or a sassy-hair-bob lady 💁🏻(apparently she’s an information desk worker – we’re not buying it), emojis have totally changed the way we communicate.

The tiny pictures are brightening up our WhatsApp chats, and helping us express ourselves in a way that words simply couldn’t.

And if the current 1,114 tiny images aren’t enough for you, there’s good news – there are 69 brand new emojis on the way!

Unicode, the tech brains behind these things, have approved a new batch, set for release later this year. The Emoji 5.0 will include new food, smileys, items of clothing, drinks, people and flags – including a Scottish saltire! 🙏

Once Unicode approve the update, it’s up to Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter to decide when they integrate the update into their platforms.

Courtesy of Emojipedia

The update will include a star-struck face, a face with a raised eyebrow, a mermaid (and a merman), a coconut, broccoli, a pretzel and a zebra.

The full list of new emojis coming your way soon is here:

  • Face With One Eyebrow Raised
  • Grinning Face With Star Eyes
  • Grinning Face With One Large and One Small Eye
  • Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips (aka Shhh)
  • Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth (aka Swearing Face)
  • Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth
  • Face With Monocle
  • Shocked Face With Exploding Head
  • Face With Open Mouth Vomiting
  • Child (Gender-Inclusive; supports skin tones)
  • Adult (Gender-Inclusive; supports skin tones)
  • Older Adult (Gender-Inclusive; supports skin tones)
  • Person With Headscarf (aka Hijab; supports skin tones)
  • Bearded Person (Supports skin tones)
  • Breast-Feeding (Supports skin tones)
  • Woman Mage (aka Witch; supports skin tones)
  • Man Mage (aka Wizard; supports skin tones)
  • Woman Fairy (Supports skin tones)
  • Man Fairy (Supports skin tones)
  • Woman Vampire (Supports skin tones)
  • Man Vampire (Supports skin tones)
  • Merwoman (aka Mermaid; supports skin tones)
  • Merman (Supports skin tones)
  • Woman Elf (Supports skin tones)
  • Man Elf (Supports skin tones)
  • Woman Genie
  • Man Genie
  • Woman Zombie (Supports skin tones)
  • Man Zombie (Supports skin tones)
  • Woman in Steamy Room (aka Woman in Sauna; supports skin tones)
  • Man in Steamy Room (aka Man in Sauna; supports skin tones)
  • Woman Climbing (aka Female Rock Climber; supports skin tones)
  • Man Climbing (aka Male Rock Climber; supports skin tones)
  • Woman in Lotus Position (aka Meditation or Yoga; supports skin tones)
  • Man in Lotus Position (aka Meditation or Yoga; supports skin tones)
  • I Love You Hand Sign (Supports skin tones)
  • Palms Up Together (Supports skin tones)
  • Brain
  • Orange Heart
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Coat
  • Socks
  • Baseball Cap
  • Zebra Face
  • Giraffe Face
  • Hedgehog
  • Sauropod
  • T-Rex
  • Cricket
  • Coconut
  • Broccoli
  • Pretzel
  • Steak
  • Sandwich
  • Bowl With Spoon (aka Cereal)
  • Canned Food
  • Dumpling
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Takeout Box
  • Pie
  • Cup With Straw (aka Soda or Milkshake)
  • Chopsticks
  • Flying Saucer
  • Sled
  • Curling Stone
  • Flag for England
  • Flag for Scotland
  • Flag for Wales

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