A day in the life of a dance student

dance-studentEver dreamt of a career in dance, but don’t know enough about it to give it a go? Well, you will soon! Source sat down for a chat with 17-year-old Aimee, who is in her first year studying dance at Glasgow Clyde College. She breaks down the ins and outs of being a dance student…

Why did you decide to study Dance?

I’ve always had an interest in dance, but I fell in love with it when I was 12 years old. I was at a sports workshop when I saw a professional dancer teach street dance. It was something I’d never seen before, so I started attending her dance class. From that day on I knew that it was the right thing for me.

How did you get in to your college course?

I applied over the internet, and then I received a letter asking me to come to the college for an audition. My dance skills were assessed through taking part in a dance class. I got offered a place on that very day! But the process is different for different colleges.

Do you need any specific qualifications to get into your course?

On the college’s website they say that you need a few Standard Grades, but obviously you need to be talented too. If you are applying to do an HNC or HND in Dance, then you will definitely need Higher English as there is a lot of essay writing.

Can you tell as a bit about your course?

My course is called Preparation to Dance, also known as NC Year One. We do ballet, jazz, tap, street and contemporary dance. We also have regular gym sessions and drumming lessons. We will soon be starting cooking lessons so that we know how to make healthy meals. Nutrition is very important for our course, as it helps us get in better shape. The industry is really harsh about that kind of thing.

Do you have any advice for anyone applying to do dance at college?

Don’t let nerves hold you back, and don’t think that you’re not good enough. Don’t think that because you’ve not done a particular style of dance before that you can’t apply, because people are taught from the beginning.

What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve done since starting college?

We recently had our assessments, where we had to dance in front of the whole dance department! That was quite nerve-wracking, but I just had to get over it.

Can you tell us something that most people don’t know about studying dance?

As you go up to higher levels, for example HNC and HND, there is a massive load of written work to do. I don’t think many people would expect that from a dance course.

Do you think that your college will help you achieve your ambitions for the future?

Yes! I’d love to be a performer on a west end stage, and I definitely think that my college will help me get there. We’ve got such a high number of graduates that have gone on to get degrees at London performing art schools, and that’s what I want to do. We’ve got some excellent staff that has been there and done that, so they can give us the best advice possible to help us along the way.

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