The alternative UK university city league table 2017

If you’re thinking about applying for higher education, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high. But before you fill out that UCAS application to Oxford or Cambridge, there are some things you should know.

While traditional league tables focus on academic performance, researchers at City Base Apparentments have created a new league table that wants to look beyond exam results and consider what really matters to millennials when you go to university.* 

The researchers’ goal was to find out how well universities fared when rankings took into account the following hot topics: crime rates, average graduate salary, sustainability, price of a pint and LGBTQ friendliness. And you may be surprised at the results. 

Interestingly, it wasn’t good old Oxbridge who came on top – instead Exeter, Bradford and Bristol nabbed the top three spots!

Glasgow, Aberdeen and Leeds also made the top ten. Check out the best rated universities below…

For a detailed breakdown on how all the universities got on in each topic, you can check out the full table here.

* Don’t panic Mum, grades still matter to us. OBVIOUSLY.

What do you reckon? How important are these five alternative ranking factors for students considering the right university city to study in? Let us know on Twitter

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