Should Andy Murray get a knighthood?

It wasn’t just girlfriend Kim Sears’ excellently glossy mane of hair in the royal box that was keeping us captivated on Sunday – this was our Andy’s moment. Could he be the first British  man to take the title in 77 years?

Never have we ever been more emotionally involved in a tennis match, gripping onto our sofas as Andy Murray entered into that final set against world number one Novak Djokovik at Wimbledon. And when Djokovic failed to return Murray’s final shot, the whole of Great Britain – and Dunblane in particular – erupted with joy.

Since his Wimbledon win, Murray has been the man of the moment. His face has been plastered across the front of every newspaper, he’s popped up on every news report in the last 48 hours, appeared on This Morning and the Radio 1 Breakfast Show – if we had Murray-mania beforehand, that triumphant final match has sent us into overdrive.

Ever since he lifted that iconic golden cup, there’s been one question buzzing through the air – will Andy Murray get himself a knigthhood? PM David Cameron seems to think he deserves it (he was certainly doing a lot of cringe-worthy dad-esque fist-pumping as he watched the final), but the Scots sporting star has played down the suggestion, saying: “It is a nice thing to have or be offered. Just because everybody’s waited such a long time for this, that’s probably why it’ll be suggested.”

But what do you think? Does our tennis hero deserve the title of Sir Andy? Or is it all a bit OTT? Vote in the poll below and let us know your views in the comments section…

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(This probably won’t influence the Queen’s decision. But you never know.)

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