Anti-Christmas advent calendar

We can’t resist it any longer – Christmas is on its way. If this fills you with joy, merriment and goodwill to all men then you’re probably v. organised already. For those of you less festive folks, there’s a new novel way to get into the not-so-Christmas spirit.

You can have a wonderfully macabre Christmas with the newest novelty advent calendar to hit the market. The Misfortune Cookies Anti-Advent Calendar is the must-have addition to your less than festive decorations.

Filled with 24 misfortune cookies, the run up to the big day will be filled with comical, even if it is slightly darker, fortunes for the realists out there. The honest cookies will diminish any sense of festiveness or that merriment nonsense –but they’re tasty, so that’s a small bonus.

With more and more of us going Christmas daft, why not let your inner Grinch loose? You can’t stop the lights going up in November or the Starbucks gingerbread latte overdosed students wandering around buying presents. Bah humbug.

Release the dark side and get your anti-Christmas advent calendar from PrezzyBox. Christmas never looked so grim.

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