App-y Studying

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PRODUCTIVITY: Evernote and Simplenote
Both free on iTunes
Make notes, create endless to-do lists and file everything away in the ultimate neat and tidy virtual notebook Evernote. You can even record voice reminders if you have a ‘eureka’ moment during your studies. For a more stripped back version when you have to get all your brilliant ideas down at the speed of light, keep notes, ideas and lists on the no-frills Simplenote app.

RESEARCH: CamScanner
Free on iTunes, available on Google Play Avoid racking up library fees every time
you take home a stack of books in the hope of research with this photo app. Use the camera on your phone to scan and digitise paper documents, which you can then upload to your computer as PDF files. Never carry a heavy book around campus again with your chosen chapter saved on your phone. (Don’t forget copyright restrictions!)

STUDY: Revision App
Free from iTunes
Based on the concept of friends sharing revision notes, the people behind Revision App get teachers
to produce content that applies
to an array of school and college courses. There’s over one million exam notes and flashcards available across a range of subjects and levels. Get yourself on track towards a streamlined style of cramming.

SCHEDULE: SQA My Study Plan Free from iTunes
If you struggle with organising your study time, you can import your SQA exam timetable into this app to generate a study plan based on when your exams land. Personalise the plan further by modifying the importance of the exam and when you want to study to create a schedule to take you through the days and nights.

VISUAL LEARNING: iMindMap Free from iTunes
This app is perfect for creating visual mind maps of notes and brain-storming tasks. Designed to transform lists and slideshows into diagrams, use the templates to make notes that will stick out when you’re desperately trying to recall facts in an exam. The design also helps dyslexic students who benefit from visual learning. Break away from tired lists and make revision more memorable.

MOTIVATION: My Personal Motivator
62p from Google Play
For those days when you feel a bit overwhelmed or need a boost to keep powering through with the highlighters, turn to this app. Select how you feel from a range of over 100 emotion categories and a motivating quote will be generated from more than 1,000 famous world figures. Put your worries into perspective and know that you can keep on going

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