Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Argyll and Bute Council has new graduate teaching scheme

The Argyll and Bute Council has launched an independent scheme to help young graduates from the area to pursue a career in teaching, in order to provide incentives for youngsters to stay in the area.

The scheme has yet to receive the official approval from the Teaching General Council of Scotland, but the council has already defined the strategy in collaboration with the University of Dundee and the University of the Highlands and Islands. Due to the skills shortage that is currently affecting the Scottish system, the project is financed by a government bursary schemes and focuses on a range of STEM and IT subjects.

Over 18 months, the aspiring teachers will attend a training programme based in local schools, which allows them to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma and immediately apply for job vacancies in secondary education once they are registered with the relevant office.

The presence of a mentor and the in-class structure of the course are a valuable way to put into practice the theoretical knowledge of candidates, in addition to reviving an area that have been strongly affected by graduates’ move to more urban parts of Scotland.

Yvonne McNeilly, the Council’s Policy Lead for Education, has said: “We want the very best for our young people and we are committed to training, attracting, and keeping, the highest calibre of teaching staff in Argyll and Bute.

“STEM subjects are an extremely important part of our everyday lives and, as our young people grow, there will be an increased demand for industry professionals in these subjects. By effectively ‘growing our own’ teachers, we are not only offering graduates the opportunity to become qualified secondary teachers in these subjects, but we are also allowing them to stay in Argyll and Bute while they do this.

 “This scheme is a great opportunity for young people in Argyll and Bute and complements our existing teacher training scheme which saw 13 students gain their diploma in primary education last year.”

The deadline for the first round of application is 3rd September, due to the interest in bringing in the selected trainees in December.

Are you interested? To know more, phone the Oban Education Office on 01631 569192, or head to the Oban Corran Halls on Tuesday 12th June from 5pm to 7pm.

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