Amy is a Masters Multimedia Journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University and loves live music, beauty tips and Miniature Schnazuers.

The support network

With classes kicking off for  this year’s new college and uni students, it’s worth bearing in mind something that Stephen Fry (aka The World’s Wisest Man) once said: “Student life is not always the party people think it is.” Whether you’re feeling homesick, lonely or stressed out, Amy Johnston takes a look at where you […]

The Evolution of Flatmates

You’ve read countless internet forums on what to take to university and you’re ready to become the social butterfly that you were always meant to be. Read on to prepare for the next stage and help your flat-sharing resemble more Happy Families than Jeremy Kyle… September: Fresher Fever Fresher’s week is a beautiful time. A […]

Handling stress at university

What with deadlines and a new-found independence of fending for yourself to contend with, university can be a stressful time. However, you might be facing a serious strain without even realising it. Student services at the University of Dundee identify some symptoms to look out for: Physical symptoms include constant tiredness, feeling faint or like […]

5 ways to…prepare for university over the holidays

With your school days now fading into a lovely distant memory, why not be productive over the mammoth summer break and consider how you can prepare for the next chapter? From avoiding packing too many pairs of jeans to getting the lowdown on your future roomies, read on to get yourself in the fresher frame […]

Faking it for summer

With pale white shins and pasty shoulders making an appearance as the temperature (occasionally) rises, you can get sun-kissed skin minus the burn with a few of our favourite tanning products…   The one that all the beauty bloggers talk about… L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Intense Elixir, £15.99, Boots Billed as the first serum tanning product […]

How to… stay safe in the sun this summer

After falling asleep in the garden for an hour last summer, I was once again taught the cruel lesson of sun exposure with sunburn reaching from the tips of my toes to the top of my neck. I spent a week sleeping and shivering under a cold damp towel at night to cool down my […]

5 ways to… end school in style

As you’re preparing to hang up your school ties and embrace the summer holidays, these last few weeks are like gold dust after the stress of exams. The pressure’s off and you’re currently ruling the canteen queues at the top of the pecking order. Here are some ideas to end your year the right way and recreate that […]

Why work experience is worth it

As soon as I turned 16, I was desperate to get a weekend job. My first position was as a ‘Saturday girl’ in a children’s footwear shop- I can still reel off some facts about Hush Puppies if you asked me. However, at that point I never thought about getting some kind of work experience […]

5 ways to… pass the employer Google check

Most of us still wouldn’t have our mums as friends on Facebook. What if they saw those pictures from that beach party in first year? What would happen if they saw that status you posted about a certain memorable character that you met out in town last Saturday night? While avoiding befriending the parentals is […]