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How to deal with parent pressure

Tomorrow students across Scotland will be nervously clutching their mobiles or laptops while they await their exam results popping up in their inboxes. It’s often an uncertain period, with university or college applications hanging in the balance, depending on the awarded grades. Along with the ambiguity, young people can often feel pressured by their parents to study […]

From Scotland to Shortlist Dubai

With limited job opportunities in the UK and the expansion of many businesses overseas, living and working abroad is now a common venture for many young people. But what is it really like? Twenty-four-year-old Sarah Garden, originally from Inverness, is the digital editor of Shortlist UAE magazine in Dubai. She took some time out to […]

Rachel Sermanni: Tied To The Moon

Scottish folk singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni has grown in musical recognition since performing at Celtic Connections in 2011, followed by her debut album Under Mountains in 2012. Rachel, 23, has toured across the world in the past four years and has shared the stage with the likes of Rumer, Mumford and Sons and Elvis Costello. We caught up […]

Five rising British stars at Wimbledon 2015

The UK’s favourite summer sporting event returns today, as we hold our breath once again in hope that Andy Murray will lift the pineapple-topped trophy at Wimbledon as he did on that roasting day on 7 July 2013. While Murray might be the UK’s best hope of winning any silverware this year, we look to the […]

Taxi scheme for Glasgow students

Students in Glasgow will be able to ensure they have a safe way of getting home after a night out, thanks to a new scheme set up by a taxi firm. Glasgow Taxis have signed up to the Safe Taxi scheme, which permits students to guarantee payment for their taxi journey, even if they have […]

What’s in your makeup bag?

It’s so easy to throw on a bit of lippy, slap on some foundation and Cara-fy your brows before you head out for the evening, without giving a second thought about the contents of your makeup bag. In getting ready to hit the town, do we ever consider what our favourite cosmetics are made from? We’ve done a bit […]

5 Celeb Fathers we wish were our dads

Sunday 21 June is Father’s Day, that time of year when we remember – usually with an amusing card and a CD compilation entitled something like “Rockin’ Dad Anthems” – our dad’s role in our lives. Regardless of your own set-up with your father, have a look at some of the top celebrity fathers that we […]

5 shows we watched as teenagers… and why they’d be awesome in 2015

Netflix has been flippin’ amazing for bringing back those TV shows we’d forgotten all about from our childhoods, and while re-runs of Arrested Development have been great, we wish they’d bring back these classics from back in the day and put a bit of a 2015 spin on them… Dawson’s Creek (1998 – 2003) This […]

Scottish Album of the Year 2015: Kathryn Joseph

She’d humbly said in an interview that she couldn’t imagine winning the award. So singer Kathryn Joseph will be waking up this morning wondering if bagging herself the Scottish Album of the Year last night really happened. Her album Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled clinched the award and £20,000 for the singer-songwriter, […]