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Last minute study tips

If you’re reading this, it might be the case that you’re procrastinating to the max and quietly bricking yourself having left all your exam revision to the very, very last minute. For the sake of not wasting your valuable time, let’s cut to the chase and give you the best tips for absorbing all the […]

Top Scots: Victoria Easton, Radio 1 Breakfast Show producer

While we almost cried when our Radio 1 fave Matt Fincham announced he was leaving his role as producer on the Breakfast Show to go work with Annie Mac in the evenings, we were delighted to hear a Scottish accent cropping up in his place – welcome to new producer, Victoria Easton! Victoria’s been working […]

Mhairi Black: Britain’s Youngest MP Since 1667

Who said politics was boring? Very few expected last night’s General Election result to be so clear-cut, with the Conservatives likely to win with a majority government, Labour leader Ed Miliband looking set to quit and the party left with just one MP in Scotland, and the SNP gaining an incredible total of 56 seats […]

Why Should You Vote?

Today’s the day – the General Election is finally here! But, sadly, a lot of young people don’t seem all that bothered. With the usual hype surrounding this year’s General Election, writer Caitlin Moran tweeted her view that: “By the time of the next election, it won’t really matter what parties newspapers back. All the […]