Sometimes, companies providing services for students will stop by to tell Source readers more about what they have to offer.

Get involved with Orkney College UHI Open Day 2017

Want to find out more about what is on offer at Orkney College UHI? Come along to our open day! It’s a great opportunity to speak to staff across our departments and see the variety of work that goes on here at Orkney College UHI. On the day there will be information on all of […]

Have you been affected by sexual violence? Rape Crisis Scotland are here for you

The Rape Crisis Scotland helpline offers support to anyone aged 13 and over* who has been affected by any form of sexual violence, no matter when it happened. Sexual violence includes a range of behaviours such as rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, the sharing/threat of sharing initimate images without your consent, sexual harassment, stalking and more. We provide support […]

What’s happening in British politics now?

From the Prime Minister race to Corbyn’s vote of no confidence – a lot has happened in seven days. Here to suss out what on earth is going on, is politics buff Stuart McFarlane. Consider it your unofficial Brexit cheat-sheet: here is everything you need to know about how the referendum has changed the main parties.  It’s been a […]

YOUR VIEW: Why young people aren’t voting

Kenneth Pritchard, 24, is a political consultant. Like many young people in Scotland, he was disappointed with the news that the UK had voted to leave the EU. He tells us why he thinks that not enough young people voted in the EU referendum. It is a well-known fact that that young people in the 21st century […]

Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting SNP

Saffron Dickson shares why she’s voting SNP in the upcoming Scottish election. I vote SNP because I believe in them. I believe in our ability to protect childcare, to protect our NHS and to always provide the best government for the Scottish people. But it’s actually a lot simpler than that – I vote SNP […]

Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting Conservative

Fraser McDougall shares why he’ll be voting for the Conservative Party in the Scottish Election on 5 May. I’m Fraser McDougall, a 21 year old who studies Geography and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow – currently in my second year. I vote Conservative because I believe in a party that promotes personal responsibility and small government. […]

Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting Labour

Erin McAuley tells us why she’s voting Labour in the upcoming Scottish election… As a young person and aspiring teacher, I am voting Labour because I don’t want to be part of a generation or a Scotland divided where my future is fractured by blind nationalism. I am voting Labour because I believe in a […]

Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting Green

James Smyth tells Source why Green will be getting his vote on 5 May. I’m voting Green because my future is at stake. Rents are rising, our education is being devalued and quality jobs with decent pay are hard to come-by. There is a danger of our generation being the first ever to be worse-off than […]

Student profile: study for a masters in Orkney

Mathilde Henri joined the International Centre for Island Technology (ICIT), Heriot Watt University’s Orkney campus, as part of a Masters in Geology in France. By completing the Masters and carrying out an internship at ICIT, she graduated with an MSc in Geology Engineering and an MSc in Renewable Energy Development. Here’s what she had to […]