Behind the scenes at Tenement TV

Kirsty McKenzie finds out more about the Glasgow-based YouTube channel and music site that’s making waves in the industry from founder Chae Houston. While it is never much of a surprise to spot musicians strolling around the West End of Glasgow – after all it boasts legendary music venues such as the Oran Mor – […]

The 5 types of flatmates you’ll have in halls

Whether you’re in the process of moving your belongings into your university halls or you’re preparing for the big switch, here’s some characters to look out for in your halls of residence in your fresher year… The one you never see Halfway through fresher’s week, they emerge from the room you all assumed was the cleaner’s […]

The 5 personalities of Instagram

Spend half your life on Instagram? Us too. (At @source.magazine in case you were wondering.) If you’re as into liking the pics of strangers as us, chances are you’ve come across these interesting characters as your scroll your life away… The Supportive Friend Probably your flatmate who gives you the obligatory like 2 seconds after […]

Ignore the glossies – how to really deal with rejection

Glossy women’s mags are packed with sage advice and words of wisdom to live by – but, as we found out this week when Glamour’s US arm was mocked relentlessly for their guide to making your man fall in love with you (vomit), the top tips passed on by the glossies aren’t always as wise […]

Which summer cliché are you?

The holidays are well underway, which means our social media feeds are full to bursting with holiday snaps from our 852 closest friends. From the abundance of hotdog legs on perfect beaches on Instagram to Snapchat updates of selfies with reality stars in Marbs, summer’s well and truly here. While we all think we’re highly […]

Watch the show. Get the job.

Ever found yourself watching your favourite TV show and thought, ‘They’ve got the best job EVER. How do you do that?’ We do. All the time. (Apart from when we’re watching Orange is the New Black. Obvs.) Kirsty McKenzie’s taken a look at some of TV’s leading ladies and found out how you get the brilliant […]

REVIEW: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is the kind of film that 3D effects were made for. The two-hour epic car chase fires us through the scorched, scabrous dessert and packs more punch than any simulator ride that I’ve ever been on. Expect seat-clutching, back-to-back explosions and some occasional squealing. But first, a bit of background for […]

The Jinx: your new TV obsession

Traditionally Easter is a time for family, last minute revision and late night chocolate binges. But may I suggest this year you also add a highly addictive murder documentary to the mix? Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Serial podcasts comes The Jinx: a six-part series that looks into the life and deaths of Robert Durst, an […]

REVIEW: Mini Mansions – The Great Pretenders

You’d do well to watch out for Mini Mansions. The LA trio’s much-hyped sophomore album has been released just in time for the hip-band-hijack ahead of festival season. Like loads of great bands – don’t be put off by their naff name. They may sound like the latest thing from Toys R Us but in […]