Lindsay started out at Source as a student writer during her post-grad at Strathclyde Uni. These days, she's the magazine's editor, dedicating her working day to making the Source magic happen! Lindsay likes pugs, going to the cinema and 24-hour news channels.

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Dir: James Gunn Cert: 12A Release: 28 April 2017 Find me a man who doesn’t love Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, and I’ll show you a liar. I may be biased because I’ve had big love for Chris for a long time (harking back to his chunkier days as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Rec), but the […]

REVIEW: La La Land

Dir: Damien Chazelle Release: 12 January 2017 Certificate: 12A Confession: I love a musical. Give me big dance numbers, catchy tunes, brightly coloured costumes and predictable plot lines over a dreary drama any day. Singin’ in the Rain, Rent, Grease, the Wizard of Oz… I love them all. But I think I might have a […]

How to pass your driving test

It’s been four-and-a-half years since I heard those immortal words: “You’ve passed.” Finally, I was trading in my green provisional licence for a snazzy pink alternative and freedom to take to the road. And I really mean finally – I had my first driving lesson on my 17th birthday. I was 24 by the time […]

Introducing… The Homeless World Cup

It’s not all about Euro 2016 at the moment, football fans. Oh no! Because this weekend, the Homeless World Cup is coming to Glasgow – the perfect solution to summer holiday boredom. So, er, what exactly is it? We’ve got the lowdown… What exactly is the Homeless World Cup? The Homeless World Cup sees teams […]

How to… prepare for an interview

Whether you’ve got an interview for a place on the college course of your dreams, that apprenticeship you’ve had your eye on or a weekend job, the whole process can be bloomin’ stressful – and people area always banging on about making sure you prepare for it. But how exactly do you plan for a […]

So you want to get sporty…

With the sun making a reappearance, the temptation to stay indoors with Netflix and a bumper size bar of Galaxy isn’t quite so great any more. In fact, we’re finding ourselves wanting to get out of the house and actually moving. Insanity. And what better way to do this than by taking up a new […]

Perfect pancakes

Pancake Day has to be in the top 10 days of the year (ranking only after our other favourite sweet-treat laden holidays of Christmas and Easter). It’s the perfect excuse to stuff your face with pancakes and experiment with toppings – what’ll it be this year? Nutella? Seasonal berries? Bananas? Whatever your choice, perfecting your pancake recipe […]


Dir: Lenny Abrahamson Rating: 15 Release date: 15/1/16 It’s not often I’ll go see a film and forget to breathe. But Room did it for me. Based on the bestselling novel by Irish author Emma Donoghue, Room is a heartbreaking, moving, incredible piece of cinema. Adapted by Donoghue for the screen and directed by Lenny […]

How to beat the January Blues

The Christmas tree’s down. You can’t eat chocolate for breakfast any more. You have to get out of your jammies and – boke – go to class. Yep, the holidays are well and truly over. And now’s the time people start banging on about the so-called ‘January blues’ – but there’s more to this phrase […]