Mikhaila's studying at Strathclyde Univeristy, dreaming of a career in journalism. She loves books, baking, music and fashion.

REVIEW: Dirty Dancing, King’s Theatre, Glasgow

I was never a big Dirty Dancing fan, so when I heard the hit film had been adapted for the stage, my expectations weren’t high. You see, I never liked the idea of a musical where the lead characters don’t sing – but to my surprise, it actually worked. What I loved about this production […]

How to… Stay healthy this summer

So you’ve finally finished your exams, and summer’s right around the corner. The sun’s out (ish), and you have no reasons to stay indoors. So why are you finding yourself glued to Netflix and sleeping until noon?! That’s not what summer’s about! If you want to avoid the dreaded lazy-itis, here’s how to stay healthy […]

TOP 5: must-read books for summer 2014

It’s official – summer is a time to kick back, relax and get stuck into a good old-fashioned book. Whether you’ve already polished off the last of your exams (lucky you!) or you’re after a bit of motivation to keep plugging away until that glorious final paper, some of you might be looking forward to […]

REVIEW: Divergent

Director: Neil Burger Rating: 12A Release: 4 April Imagine living in a world where being different makes you dangerous. Divergent, based on the best-selling novel by Veronica Roth, is set in post-apocalyptic Chicago, where society is divided into five factions: Abnegation (selfless), Erudite (intelligent), Amity (peaceful), Candor (honest), and Dauntless (brave). At the age of […]

REVIEW: Taylor Swift – O2 Arena, London

Sunday 2 February was a monumental day for me. No, it wasn’t my birthday, or the day that I got into university – it was the day that I went to a Taylor Swift concert. Ever since her smash-hit Love Story hit radios back in 2008, I’ve been mesmerized by her music. Through the power […]

The recipe for success

The prospect of heading out into the big, bad working world is daunting – but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring your options. Bagging your dream job may seem impossible, especially if you don’t know what that is yet. But it is possible. All you need is the right amount of determination, work ethic, and, […]

A day in the life of a dance student

Ever dreamt of a career in dance, but don’t know enough about it to give it a go? Well, you will soon! Source sat down for a chat with 17-year-old Aimee, who is in her first year studying dance at Glasgow Clyde College. She breaks down the ins and outs of being a dance student… […]

Source Loves… The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games wowed the world back in 2008 when the first book was released. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where teenagers are forced to fight each other to the death, it wasn’t long until this gripping story found fame across the globe. Fast forward five years, and not only has there been two more […]

REVIEW: Katy Perry – PRISM

Katy Perry became a household name back in 2008 with her hit single I Kissed a Girl. Since then, she’s rarely stayed out of the public eye, and gone on to achieve huge success with her music. Not only did her Grammy-nominated Teenage Dream album send a whopping five singles to the US No 1 […]