Rebecca is a second year multimedia journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University.

InterRailing is overrated – here’s how to travel Europe

Every student should know exactly what InterRailing is but, if you don’t, it’s essentially travelling around countries in Europe with a train ticket. Lots of people will tell you that inter-railing is the best and cheapest way to see more of the world as a student – but that’s just not true. InterRailing tickets can […]

8 things nobody tells you about moving into a student house

You’re nearly finished first year of university and soon you’ll be moving out of halls and home again for the summer; but before that you have to sort out where to live next year. Most people leave halls and move into a student house or flat with some of the friends they made in first […]

The Most Obscure Societies at Scottish Universities

Clubs and societies are an essential part of student life at universities world-wide and reflect the variety of people who attend each one. For university applicants hoping to study in Scotland starting this September, the clubs and societies on offer at each university could affect the final decision they make. There are 15 universities in […]

Submissions open for Scottish Album of the Year

Musicians have until the end of this month to submit an album to the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards for the chance to win a cash prize. The people or person behind the winning album will collect a prize of £20,000 at the ceremony in Paisley, with nine runner-up prizes of £1,000 each […]

Things to lift your mood on International Day of Happiness

It’s International Day of Happiness today – but it’s still a Monday. Here at Source, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things which are guaranteed to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face, even though you’ve got to go to class. 1. Dogs chasing their own tails via GIPHY Maybe it’s because they […]

The weirdest and most wonderful Beauty and the Beast merchandise

If you didn’t realise that the hugely anticipated live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is out today, you must be living under a rock. Starring Harry Potter actress Emma Watson as Belle and Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as the Beast, the Disney remake is set to be the biggest box office hit of the […]

The benefits of a full night of sleep

Today is World Sleep Day which celebrates all the joys of sleeping as well as highlighting some of the problems that go with it. There are plenty of issues to do with sleep and education, medicine, social lives and driving, but it is an essential part of everyday life and something that most people enjoy doing. […]

Student lifehacks: how to spend less on food

If you’ve managed to splash most of your student loan already this month, but don’t know what you actually bought, it was probably just food. Have you ever been unable to justify spending that £20 on a new top but had no problem spending just as much on a takeaway or eating out? Of course […]