Sophie is a journalism graduate from Strathclyde University. She likes skiing, partying and is fluent in Spanish. She lived in Chile for a year and hopes her career in journalism will take her back to Latin America

Five things you should know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not a very nice person. The reason you will have seen him in the news recently is due to his frequent controversial comments which have been regarded as offensive and dangerous by many people (mostly because they are). And, rather scarily, there is a small possibility that he may be in the […]

Saint West – and other silly celebrity baby names

The internet is slowly pulling itself together after breaking again last night, following the announcement that Kim and Kanye West have named their child Saint. I mean, come on!  Pete Wentz’s child has the same name and has managed to slip under the radar… until now. And what about North? Her baby brother is named […]

Clean up your act

As one of 7 billion people on the planet, it can feel like what you do won’t make a difference when it comes to eco measures to make the world a cleaner, greener place. However, for your children and the people of the future, you have a responsibility to do your bit to save the […]

Our changing world

Last week, 150 world leaders met in Paris to begin a meeting that would last 11 days on the topic of climate change. This is a huge gathering, one of the biggest in the world in terms of leaders being in one place.  And I should think so too – the future of the planet […]

TGIF Playlist

Thank god it’s Friday! We thought we’d put together a little something to get the weekend started. Whether you’ve been slaving away all week at classes or working hard to save for Christmas, the weekend is here so let your hair down and relax with our little mix of party jams

Ten reasons to be a proud Scot today

Stick on your finest tartan item, grab yourself a haggis and maybe even fling a ceilidh if you’re feeling organised, because today is St Andrew’s Day! While we don’t celebrate our national patron saint in quite the same manner as some of our neighbours (we’re looking at you, Ireland), today is a great day to […]

Street drugs: Cocaine

One of the many TV series keeping us glued to our screens at the moment is Narcos, a drama following the life of infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. His network of distributors mainly sold Colombian cocaine to ‘gringos’ (North Americans) in the 80s. However, since Escobar’s heyday Scotland has become a big consumer of […]

Live review: Bring Me The Horizon

Passing the O2 academy on Tuesday I was greeted by bright lights telling me that one other than Bring Me The Horizon were playing at 7pm. Well, I wasn’t going to let them slip through my fingers. I promptly tried to buy tickets but there were no standing and let’s be honest a BMTH gig […]

Refugees are not terrorists

A worrying number of people in Scotland seem to be confusing the victims of the civil war in Syria with terrorists from the extremist organisation, Isis. Following the attacks in Paris, there were anti-Muslim attacks in Glasgow and couple of protests promoting anti-immigration with signs saying ‘no to refugees’ in small towns.   One of […]