Sophie is a journalism graduate from Strathclyde University. She likes skiing, partying and is fluent in Spanish. She lived in Chile for a year and hopes her career in journalism will take her back to Latin America

Halloween Tunes!

Hosting a Halloween party? You’ll want a playlist to make it a truly spooktacular event! We’ve put together some of the most creepy, freaky and funky tunes to make your night one to remember

Eating well: Fruit and veg

We’ve recently been bombarded with information from the media telling us that eating too much red meat causes cancer.  What doesn’t cause cancer these days though? The World Health Organisation published a report which said that consuming 50g of processed meat per day (two slices of bacon) could increase the chance of colorectal cancer by […]

Five for Friday – What’s your favourite scary movie?

It’s the spookiest weekend of the year – Halloween is HERE! If you’re not heading out in your fancy dress best this weekend, how about settling down with Netflix to check out their creepy finest? Here’s our pick of the best frightening films and terrifying TV shows. The Trollhunter Forget the Blair Witch – this […]


Lucy Rose Support: Billie Marten, Jake Isaac Oran Mor, Glasgow, 28/10/15 On a windy wet evening in Glasgow, in a dark basement of the stunning converted church Oran Mor, spectators poured in to see the eagerly anticipated Lucy Rose live. Having chatted to the first support act, Billie Marten, a couple of weeks ago for […]

UCAS forms will be ‘name blind’ by 2017 to increase minority selection

The Prime Minster has outlined plans to tackle ‘unconscious bias’ against minority groups in the university application process by omitting names by 2017. The admissions body UCAS said that it had conducted research which revealed issues of under representation of Asian and black minority groups at UK universities and colleges. UCAS Chief Executive Mary Curnock […]

Creepy jobs

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been exploring some of the weirdest, most wonderful and downright creepy career paths to see how you could take a passion for the paranormal, a flavour for the freaky, a marvel for the morbid and a curiosity for the creepy and turn it into a proper job. Mortician […]

Cool courses: Palaeontology

To kick-start a new series looking at some of the more unusual academic options on offer at British universities, we find out more about the world of palaeontology. If you’re interested in knowing about the history of life on Earth, then palaeontology is for you. It’s a common misconception that palaeontology is solely study of […]

Ways to use your extra hour when the clocks go back

This Sunday the clocks will go back an hour, meaning that we’ll have a 25 hour day! If you always forget whether they go back or forward, think ‘spring forward, fall back.’ This daylight saving time (DST) happens so that (you might have guessed by the name) we see more daylight during the winter months. […]