The best memes and vids about the EU Ref

So TOMORROW is the big day! The EU Referendum is less than 24 hours away and we (and the rest of the nation) are beside ourselves with excitement.

How will you vote? Are you an Inie like JK Rowling or an Outie like Michael Caine? Whatever you choice, make sure you get down to your local polling station and have a say in your country’s future. No pressure, but it just might be the most important decision you make, like ever. So make it count everybody.

By now you’ve probably heard the arguments, the pros and the cons of each side. All that’s left to do (aside from putting a cross in that little box) is sit back, and enjoy the very best of the internet’s take on Brexit.

We count down our favourite viral vids and memes doing the rounds on a social site near you. Which one is your fave?

1.Let’s get lyrical.


2. Celebs from Keira Knightly to Will Greenwood get political for the 5 seconds campaign


3. Leave it to the cats to try and toy with our emotions last minute


4. We got to hear Rick Edwards be funny and informative (again)


5. Someone loves EU <3

6. Out and proud

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