The best Saturday jobs

Yesterday, the news hit the headlines that fewer 16-year-olds than ever before have got Saturday jobs.

What was once a rite of passage for teens is now the last thing on folk’s minds, as they shun stacking shelves and waiting tables in favour of relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad instead.

Despite what you might think, a weekend job is a really brilliant thing – us lot at Source HQ all had one as teenagers, and we got so much from it. Improved confidence, problem solving skills, something to write about on college and uni applications – and the extra money to spend in Topshop was definitely welcome.

If you’re considering getting a Saturday job to boost in your income and your skills, here are the roles worth checking out.


We reckon everyone should work in retail at some point. Whether you’re working behind the scenes in the stock room, putting through groceries at the checkout of your local supermarket (or supervising the self-service section), hanging up clothes abandoned on the floor in a fashion store or retrieving trainers in a sports shop, the retail world covers all bases. You’ll develop skills in communication, problem solving, tact and managing to work with a smile on your face even when you’re having the worst day. Besides, anyone who can deal with the general public is a hero – and those skills won’t go unnoticed when it comes to searching for full-time work.

Events and hospitality

Whether you’re waiting tables in a busy restaurant or making swanky coffees in a popular chain – get yourself a job in the hospitality sector and you’re walking away with more than a pocket full of tips. Hospitality is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment – and often physically demanding too as you’ll be on your feet and moving for your whole shift. Roles are available too with events and catering companies who often look for folk ad-hoc, as and when events crop up – and the pay is generally pretty good. You’ll grow in your customer service abilities, mental arithmetic – and probably get to take away some free food at the end of your shift too. Everyone’s a winner!

Kitchen work

If front-of-house ain’t your bag, you could head into the kitchen and start as a porter washing pots or even helping out in a local bakery. This is a great way to  get your foot in the door if you fancy a career in food – if not, it’s great experience in an intense environment, where you’ll learn the importance of team work but also working on your own.

Paper round

Very old school, but believe it or not, folk still get papers delivered – and they need someone to do that delivering. This is a tough one, because you’ve got to get out there, come rain or shine. On the plus side, you’ll improve in your organisational ability – route-planning isn’t easy – and if you’ve got the will to stick to this? Future employers will know you’re dedicated and resourceful. Head to your local newsagent and find out if they have any openings. The exercise will be good for you!

Visitor attractions

If you live in an area that’s popular with tourists, there’s a good chance that there will be museums, galleries, and activity centres that are screaming out for staff. You could be selling tickets, working the gift shop, manning the cafe – and as they’re busier at weekends, they’ll need more folk. Often, staff have to be able to hop between different roles and duties, so this is a great job for people who are flexible, keen to lear and willing to give anything a go for the team – all very appealing qualities for future employers.

Call centre

From sales roles to order-taking, there are lots of call centres in Scotland (we have nice accents, you see) who are always looking for staff. You might be able to bag a contract for weekend or evening shifts to fit around your studies – and they will be more than happy to give you extra hours in the holidays! This is a job in which to hone your ability to keep cool under pressure, to boost your communication skills and learn entirely new skills such as sales and customer service.

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