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bloggingWhile we’re reading more and more about bloggers hitting the big time and turning their hobby of writing online into a career, there’s another use to the humble weblog. Blogs now have fantastic potential to be used as online portfolios, giving companies the chance to see your skills in action outside the restrictions of an interview or application form. With such a huge range of websites out there ready to cater to your blogging needs, there is no excuse not to get online and get ahead.

Whether your interests are in art, architecture, politics or writing, creating a blog to voice your ideas and opinions, show off previous work in image or video form, and it’s a great opportunity to build new skills, create contacts and show off the talents you already possess. Plus, with more and more businesses using the web as a way to communicate, picking up some extra IT skills can’t hurt. In fact, many companies use WordPress to host their websites (it’s more than just a blogging tool), so getting to know behind the scenes of a blog site is a massive advantage.

It is easy to feel daunted when you first start out, but don’t panic! Source has a step by step guide to becoming a blogging sensation.

Ease yourself into it

The most important thing is to be patient. You are not going to have a million hits overnight. In fact, you might want to remain anonymous until you find your confidence. Although blogging sites like Wordpress and Blogger are easy to use and offer plenty of support, it may take you a little while to get used to some of the new technology. Set yourself an aim to post at least once a week; blogging regularly will help you build up your confidence and work out what style you are going for.

Build your brand

Once you have learnt the basics and feel happy with your blog’s content, it is time to start sharing. Add your name to the blog and think of it as your own website, a place to share your achievements and abilities. You can upload your CV too and past achievements – most blog platforms let you add pages as well as blog posts. Remember your blog represents you. It’s a great way to show enthusiasm but make sure your content is polite and professional. While its fine to badmouth Bieber with your friends over lunch, no employer wants to see endless rants or a bad attitude.

Make Connections

You can build an audience easily by connecting your blog to other media platforms. Most blogging websites offer readers email updates whenever you post, but you can also link sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from your blog. Keep in mind if you are sharing links to your personal social networking sites, anyone can see it. Sometimes its best to set up separate accounts specifically for your blog, that way you can share information with followers easily and still keep your private life private. Tweeting is a great way to share your blog with people already working in the industry, plus work experience and career opportunities are regularly shared through Twitter. Managing several sites related to your blog is sure to impress companies on the look out for tech-savvy employees, whether it’s in the field of law, science, media or admin.

Above all, blog about what you love; readers and employers want to see what you are truly passionate about and what you’re capable of. A blog is a chance to shine – so make the most of it!

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