#Blow Interview: How I launched Scotland’s Most Popular Hair Salon

Less than three years ago, Fallon Carberry set Glasgow alight when she launched a stylish hair salon that celebrated individuality, glamour and colour. Loved by bloggers and locals alike, Blow quickly became the one stop shop for wild dyes and big blow outs. They’ve now launched their second salon (and first training academy) in Shawlands. Fal took time out of her busy day to chat to us about Insta trends, #girlboss moments and training with Kim Kardashian’s hairdresser.

How did you first get started in hairdressing?

In my first salon I mastered styling, hair ups and big blow dries. I have since attended course after course to make sure I’m ahead of the game when it comes to what’s hot in the hair industry.

What do you love most about what you do?

I have a serious passion for what I do. As cliché as it may seem from the minute I wake up till I fall asleep I have a million ideas in my mind. I love creating new things through a spontaneous process. Having a great wealth of talent and like-minded stylists (and our very own salon muses) who are unafraid to create something magical allows me to bounce ideas off my team and see where this takes us. In #BLOW no two days are ever the same in terms of what we create each day. #BLOW is an ever evolving salon.

What made you decide it was time to launch your own salon? 

 To have the freedom to push creativity and develop at my own pace fuelled my desire to launch #BLOW. As an innovator with a strong creative identity and vision I’ve never been too good at sticking to the rules! When you are a creative boundaries are simply there to be broken!

The S wave #blowwave

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How do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? 

 Standing out means to be making sure that you are always on the lookout for emerging trends and being bold enough to create new ones. You have to be a trailblazer in order to stay current. Our “Glitter Roots” creation were a viral sensation with our picture filling up Instagrams and Pintrests of celebrities and bloggers alike. We view BLOW as full on experience not just your standard trip to the hairdressers.

Let’s talk about the second salon, how is it different from your amazing Finnieston location? 

 With our new second Salon in Shawlands you will find the same BLOW concept and vibes. Both are bar themed with our signature quirks with such as our amazing cocktails and popcorn. As Shawlands has more space, we even offer Afternoon Teas accompanied by our signature #BLOWdry of course! The main difference with Shawlands is it being home to our training academy. There is NOWHERE in Scotland that offers on trend, comprehensive courses. The academy allows us to pass on our trade secrets to salons and stylist alike.

You now have your training salon and have had training from some big names yourself! Can you tell us more about meeting and training with Kim K’s fave stylists….@jenatkinhair and @chrisappleton1

 Meeting Jen Aktin and Chris Appleton was really like a dream come true. Being able to discover the tricks of their trade was an amazing learning experience. I truly believe to be the best stylist it is essential to keep learning and rediscovering your craft. This month you will find me travelling out to Miami to train with the hottest celebrity stylist Guy Tang King of Colours! Here’s hoping we can be Hair Besties!

You Instagram is amazing! How have you managed to build up such as huge fan base on social media? 

From being a visual who has an eye for every small detail I love to just create and showcase exactly what amazing styles are created daily in our salons. Think of your Instagram as your own personal portfolio! I think the reason our Instagram has such a huge following is because BLOW is a vibrant, youthful and fresh salon and this is captured perfectly in our content. Instagram is all about the aesthetic look so we make ours  visually beautiful as well as engaging as possible. Oh and if you haven’t already – follow us @blowcolourasylum. 

Have you always had a good sense for trends and social media or is that something you’ve had to learn? 

I have always had a keen eye for style but I think to work in any aspect the creative industry especially hair you HAVE to submerge yourself in the latest trends. Our clients want fashion forward and cutting edge styles so you have to be on the ball.  I run our Instagram feed so I have learned along the way how to create good content and how to create that regram-worthy photo.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Our salon is a hub of inspiration from our bright neon lights to our paint splattered Timorous Beastie furnishings. I can be influenced by something even the smallest of things. A packet of retro sweets can literally create a whole pastel colour palette for a client!

What trend should students been looking out for next? 

 Braids are still big and only going to get bigger. We offer a braid bar where clients can play with fabric, chains, coloured sprays, paper clips. It’s a versatile style that you can really mix up and have a lot of fun with!


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What is your advice for anyone out there wanting to follow in your #girlboss footsteps?

 To be a #girlboss there is no easy advice – you have to be prepared to work your ass off. To gain and achieve you have continuously put serious work in to get results and be consistent in delivering high quality. I see #BLOW as my baby. You have to give it constant attention, nurture it and growth with it. Don’t give up and don’t take that foot off the gas.

Lastly, why should we visit #blow? 

 Come snack on popcorn and treat yourself to an amazing cocktail, take a #BLOWfie and let your locks be taken care of by the most fabulous hair stylists in the game.

Life of the glitterati 💍💍

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Find out more about Fal and her salon at the #BLOW official website and their Facebook page. And don’t forget to follow their Insta

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