Career Guidance with Arnold Schwarzenegger

We’ve all grown up watching the world’s favourite action hero on the big screen taking on multiple roles from robot assassins to barbarian warriors, but what about the careers that we mortal humans could possible peruse? We take a look at some of Arnie’s most famous movie roles and suss out how to become just like Schwarzenegger.

Junior – Scientist
Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two scientists who experiment with fertility treatments on Arnie. Miraculously, he gets pregnant! You heard right, Arnold Schwarzenegger is having a baby, and if that’s not enough to sell a movie, I don’t know what is. The nature of science is fascinating and if you’ve ever seen The Big Bang Theory, I think you’d agree. So, I here you ask, how does one become a scientist? Well, the journey starts at school and it all depends what kind of scientist you want to be. Do you like chemistry, biology, physics, geography, astronomy or palaeontology? The list is endless and if you’re serious about becoming a Doctor or Professor in science then you’ll need to go to university. Studying the sciences in school is a great way of finding out which you’re are most interested in. Whether it’s mixing chemicals in chemistry class, dissecting a frog in biology or digging for bones in your back yard – there’s a science in all of those areas! Talk to your teachers to get an inside look into the world of these subjects if you want to know more. You can also check here for a list of all the different branches of science and what they actually mean!! See how Arnie gets on below.

Last Action Hero – Actor
When a lonely kid dreams of living the life his movie hero Jack Slater (Arnie) does, he couldn’t have predicted he would find out! A magic movie ticket transports Danny into his film idol’s latest movie, right in the middle of a terrifying car chase. But that’s enough of the plot line, let’s concentrate on Arnie’s latest career choice… well, he plays an actor playing a cop. But since he’s a cop in every other movie, let’s concentrate on the acting side of things. So you want to be an actor, well there’s no one way to get into it. The main thing you need is experience, and lots of it. From performing in school plays, local pantomimes and theatre groups, practice certainly makes perfect. You should also be thinking what kind of acting you want to get into – is it film, TV, radio, stage? You don’t necessarily have to pick just one, the more confident and better you performing in more than one of these categories then you’re heading in the right direction. You don’t have to study acting or performance at college or university, but it certainly helps develop your skills as a performer as well gives you lots of practice and may open opportunities for auditions. If you’re able to create your own website to showcase your work then that would also be a great idea. If you manage to secure some acting credits, it would also be worthwhile getting an agent who would be able to find you auditions. If you’re serious about acting you should be grabbing every opportunity to perform and to showcase your talents. You never know, you make even be talent spotted! Be inspired by Arnie below…

Collateral Damage – Firefighter
Want to follow in the footsteps of Arnie and become a firefighter? A real one, not the pretend character Arnie play’s in the movie Collateral Damage. Becoming a member of the first service is not an easy task. There’s loads of different assessments and tests you must successfully complete and pass before you’ll even be considered for the role. These include numerical and verbal ability tests, fitness assessments, interviews and medical checks. To get an idea, have a look here to see they kind of tests you could be asked to complete.  You also need to be really fit and strong to lug around large heavy pieces of apparatus such as ladders and hoses all day and to be able to carry people out of burning buildings. It’s certainly thirsty work! Have a look at his video to see what physical training you go through…

True Lies – Spy
Arnie leads a double life in this thrilling action-packed movie, hunting down the bad guys by night and playing loyal husband and doting father by day. However, when Arnie and his wife are kidnapped by terrorists it’s up to the two of them to save the day! Sounds brilliant but what does it take to become a member of an intelligence agency? There’s loads of different roles to play within an organisation like the FBI or MI5, so what are they and how can you become just like Arnie? The MI5 careers page  has lots of information regarding all the different kinds of jobs you can do and how to get them! From technicians to analysts to intelligence officers, there’s something for everyone however you do have to be pretty smart to bag a job saving the world. Try the listening challenge   and the investigative challenge and see if you’ve got what it takes to become the next James Bond.

Kindergarten Cop – Teacher (and a cop, but we’ll cover the armed forces later)
When a cop fills in for his partner by going undercover as an elementary school teacher, he has no idea the trouble that children can be! Poor Arnie is too busy falling in love with the local teacher than teaching in class the ABC’s, and all the while is trying to solve his latest case. Cue the criminals, a whole lot of mischief and a very cute class pet and you have all the credentials to become a teacher. Well, not really actually. You need to go to university if you want to become a primary or secondary school teacher in Scotland. There’s no way around it.  There are two paths to becoming a teacher. The first is to study and undergraduate degree in Primary teaching, and at the end of the four years (proving you have passed everything) you get a probationary year as a teacher. Then it is up to you to secure your own job. The second is to study a one year postgraduate course after you have studied your undergraduate degree, which can be in any subject. This one year conversion course can either be in primary teaching or a specialist subject for secondary teaching. However, if you do go down this route, you’ll need to have work experience with children either at a summer camp, girl guiding or scout unit, after school club – anything that proves you enjoy working with kids. Visit to find out more! Here’s hoping you cope a bit better than Arnie…

Predator – Commando (armed forces)
Arnie leads a small team into a South American jungle on a rescue mission. However, they find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial predator. As you do. The movie is brilliantly entertaining, but the life of a real Commando is something quite different. Everyday men and women risk their lives for their country but getting to the front-line is not an easy task. Members of the armed forces go through extreme and rigorous training for months and sometimes years at a time with a drop out rate of up to 35% – it’s not for the faint hearted. There’s lots of different roles available in the armed forces whether its the Army,  Navy or RAF, all these careers require discipline, stamina and courage but it’s no walk in the park…

The good news is, you don’t even need to be a muscular Hollywood heavyweight to carry out any of these jobs – it’s all about your skills, passion and determination  So what are you waiting for? Get researching now and you could soon be following the footsteps of Arnie himself…

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