Can I make a career out of working with animals?

ANIMAL CARE ASSISTANT Care assistants are responsible for looking after a range of different animals in kennels, rescue centres and sanctuaries. Duties include preparing food, grooming and exercising animals, cleaning out kennels and pens and looking after animals that are unwell or distressed. This can be dirty, hard work, but also hugely rewarding – where else do you get paid to play with puppies? You […]

App-y Studying

PRODUCTIVITY: Evernote and Simplenote Both free on iTunes Make notes, create endless to-do lists and file everything away in the ultimate neat and tidy virtual notebook Evernote. You can even record voice reminders if you have a ‘eureka’ moment during your studies. For a more stripped back version when you have to get all your brilliant […]

How do I become a solicitor? All your questions answered

We sat down with Heather McKendrick, careers and outreach manager at the Law Society of Scotland, to find out how you go about pursuing a career in law… How do you go about becoming a solicitor? The first stage is the law degree, also known as the LLB. For students with a degree in a different […]

How I became a sports reporter: Kieran Canning, AFP

Kieran Canning, originally from Airdrie, is living the DREAM. Based in Madrid, he’s the Spanish sports correspondent for AFP (Agence France-Presse), a major French news agency. His day is consumed by sport – mostly football – and he’s covered some of the biggest events the sporting calendar has to offer. He’s currently in Rio chasing […]

How to shine on placement

Got work experience looming? Don’t see it as a week away from class – take the opportunity to learn something! The thought of work experience and entering into the world of work for the first time can be a scary prospect, so we’re giving you some top tips to help you get the most out of […]

Careers in the media

The media industry is a fast-paced, ever-moving place to work, with a diverse range of roles available across film, TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and beyond! We caught up with a few people making their mark in the media to find out what their job is really like. The magazine editor – Lindsay Cochrane The editorial […]

Weird interview questions – and how to handle them!

No matter how well prepared you are, even the most experienced candidate can be shaken up by a tough interview question – and it’s not always the one relating to the role that you’ve applied for which throw you. What’s your favourite colour? Who inspire you? If you were an animal, what one would you […]

Fashion careers: model

Claire Kahane, model Claire, who’s based in London, is an actress, dancer and model. She’s worked as a fit model and models for online stores for a range of major retailers and designers. How did you get into modelling? I’m an actress and needed something in between jobs. A friend who I had previously worked […]