Making it in music

Let’s be honest – how many people do you meet that say they want to be a musician, a pop star or a rock star, and how many actually make it? Shows like The X Factor make the music business seem so straight forward, but the reality of making it in music is much tougher […]

ON THE JOB: Master chef, Australia

Leaving school is a daunting prospect for anyone, especially if you don’t have a job or further education options lined up. From the east end of Glasgow to the north east of Australia, Alastair Waddell has turned a part-time pub job into an exotic flourishing career in the kitchen. An award-winning Executive Chef at one of […]

Kenny Boyle: Centre Stage

It’s easy to forget in a celebrity-mad world that there are amazing people who are still up and coming on the acting scene – and set to make a huge impression. Kenny Boyle, co-founder of the Sonic Boom Theatre Company, is one of Scotland’s rising stars. Having set up a theatre company fresh out of […]

Why work experience is worth it

As soon as I turned 16, I was desperate to get a weekend job. My first position was as a ‘Saturday girl’ in a children’s footwear shop- I can still reel off some facts about Hush Puppies if you asked me. However, at that point I never thought about getting some kind of work experience […]

5 ways to… pass the employer Google check

Most of us still wouldn’t have our mums as friends on Facebook. What if they saw those pictures from that beach party in first year? What would happen if they saw that status you posted about a certain memorable character that you met out in town last Saturday night? While avoiding befriending the parentals is […]

How to… Get work experience

At Source, as well as dealing with the magazine and website, I’m in charge of all of our work experience requests. (If you’re keen to come in – hello! Send me an email at with your CV and some examples of your writing and I’ll see what we can do.) We at Source know […]

What if I don’t know what I want to do?

Gap year student Leila Wallace offers some words of wisdom to those who aren’t quite sure what the future holds for them… When we were five, we all had our own idea about what we wanted to be when we grew up, some beyond our wildest dreams. Princesses we saw in Disney films, football icons […]

How to Use Twitter…Without Getting Into Hot Water

Twitter is huge. With around 140 million active users sending over 9,100 tweets every second, it’s one of the most popular websites on the Internet. We can update when we’re on our laptops in our bedrooms, on the computers in the library when we’re pretending to study and on our smart phones when we’re on the […]

Celebrity Odd Jobs and A-Grade A-listers

As we sit through yet another long science lesson, dreaming about a distant world of stardom, it’s easy to dismiss those dreams as unachievable… but should you? We take a sneak peek into the previous careers and university courses undertaken by celebrities before they found fame. Odd Jobs As we watch our favourite celebs performing […]