The recipe for success

The prospect of heading out into the big, bad working world is daunting – but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring your options. Bagging your dream job may seem impossible, especially if you don’t know what that is yet. But it is possible. All you need is the right amount of determination, work ethic, and, […]

Off the beaten career path

When you study law at university, your career is usually pretty much set in stone. You’ll graduate, complete your diploma, become qualified and that’s it. You’re on your way to becoming partner or opening your own law firm. Dee Ripoll, on the other hand, became a qualified lawyer in 2011 and had no intention of […]

Making Movies

Working with Disney Animation, Clark Spencer has produced massive movie hits like Lilo and Sitch, Bolt and, most recently, Wreck-It Ralph. We caught up with the award-winning producer to find out more about his job… As a movie producer, how would you sum up your job? The job is a couple of things. As a […]

Fashion First

If you dream of a career in fashion, why not take matters into your own hands? Cait Thomson caught up with one young Scots design team making waves in the industry… Hardwear, the brainchild of Holly Baxter, 23, and 28-year-old Matthias McGregor, has already made an impact on the Scottish fashion scene with its stunning […]

Really wild

In our latest issue, which hits schools, colleges and unis this week, we’ve got a cracker of an interview with wildlife cameraman, TV presenter and all-round lovely bloke Gordon Buchanan. Because Gordon had so much to say about his fascinating career, we’ve got even more from the man himself right here! Prepare to want to […]

Be Your Own Boss…

Entering the world of employment can be scary, especially if you’re not sure about what you want to do or where your skills could come in handy. However, there are other ways of making your mark on the world other than joining somebody else’s company – start your own! Being an entrepreneur can be a […]

Shopping For Rehab

A degree in business mixed with a passion for vintage fashion equaled the perfect career choice for Steven Dick. Steven is the man behind Rehab Clothing, the vintage clothing line from Glasgow making waves on one of fashion’s biggest websites, Hi Steven, so how did Rehab Clothing get started up? I graduated with a business Honours […]

Making Monsters

As the co-founder of MillenniumFX, Europe’s largest provider of special effects makeup, prosthetics and animatronics for TV, film and stage, it’s safe to say that Neill Gorton’s job is a little unusual. We speak to the man behind the aliens of Doctor Who, the blood and guts of Saving Private Ryan and the supernatural creatures […]

In Demand…

Sky diving on a dare from Dappy, cosying up to Cheryl Cole and bantering with Bieber – it’s all just a part of the job for In:Demand’s Romeo! The radio host sat down to talk work with Source… You’ve pretty much got the best job in Scotland. How did you get started? I started out […]