YOUR VIEW: Why we need a reading revival

We live in an age of instant gratification. And I’ll be the first to admit, as an Instagram addict, regular tweeter, and serial Netflix-binger, that I am a victim of this. Yet it saddens me all the same, because not only has this new lifestyle negatively affected our self-esteem and attention spans (and that’s only […]

The Lowdown: Say No To World Parents Day

On the first day of June every year, we celebrate global Parents Day. Having just been made aware of this holiday and its meaning, it struck me as odd that we should have one particular day to celebrate the people who gave us life. Are we really going to lump them in with the likes […]

Who is the real Honey G?

Honey G – the middle-aged hip-hop X Factor contestant – has polarised viewers since her first audition, and though she may have passed for slightly funny at first, many were outraged when she reached the live shows and the likes of Samantha Atkinson were sent home. Everyone is a bit confused about her – is she […]

Why the Bake Off just won’t be the same

This week shall forever be remembered (well, until the end of the year at last) as the Week the World Fell Apart. Nope, World War III didn’t break out – Mary Berry announced she was leaving the Great British Bake Off. It was the berry on top of a big old cake of disaster this […]

#Safetypin, a stationary campaign?

Kate is a recent History grad from Glasgow University, soon to embark on a Masters in Environmental Communication. She is also a committed activist and campaigner – today she tells us her thoughts on the #safteypin movement.   A growing concern among many in Britain is the apparent rise of racial abuse following last week’s […]

YOUR VIEW: Why young people aren’t voting

Kenneth Pritchard, 24, is a political consultant. Like many young people in Scotland, he was disappointed with the news that the UK had voted to leave the EU. He tells us why he thinks that not enough young people voted in the EU referendum. It is a well-known fact that that young people in the 21st century […]

Refugees are not terrorists

A worrying number of people in Scotland seem to be confusing the victims of the civil war in Syria with terrorists from the extremist organisation, Isis. Following the attacks in Paris, there were anti-Muslim attacks in Glasgow and couple of protests promoting anti-immigration with signs saying ‘no to refugees’ in small towns.   One of […]

YOUR VIEW: The twig models shall be snapped

Jenny Bradley, a sixth year student from Cumbernauld, gets a little something off her chest that’s been bothering her lately – namely mannequins in high street fashion retailers… When I walk around town and see the shop windows with their skinny, twig-like mannequins glaring back at me not only am I thinking, ‘Oh lord, I need […]

We are a nation of show-offs

We are the guinea pig generation. There has never been a group of young people growing up surrounded with so much technology invented with the purpose of enhancing our social life. It all started with MSN, Myspace and Bebo – social networking sites designed to help people enhance friendships, upload and share media and exchange […]