YOUR VIEW: Give Bieber a Break

Let’s not beat about the bush – Justin Bieber has had a proper shocker of a year. The once angelic teen singer’s life seems to have been one big run-in with the law over the last few weeks, thanks to very public arrests and allegations of drink, drugs and fast cars. It’s just the latest […]

Christmas Beauty Trends

Christmas is less than three weeks away (!) and if you’ve been too busy buying presents for your loved ones to treat yourselves to this year’s Christmas beauty trends, don’t fret! We’re here to show you the must have looks to make sure you look your best this festive season. STRONG EYEBROWS It’s the trend […]

YOUR VIEW: Story Thieves – Why the book is always better

Everyone has a pet peeve. For Jamie Oliver, it’s peeling garlic; for my mum it’s referring to someone by their pronoun instead of their given name; and for me, it’s film directors turning my favourite books into films. Why can’t they come up with their own ideas instead of pinching the hard work of authors? […]

YOUR VIEW: It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaass – and has been for a while…

On Saturday, I found myself in an unusual situation. The situation being that I was sitting at my desk, writing up the words you are about to read. The situation was unusual because my Saturdays tend to be much livelier. And by livelier, I mean living it up with The X Factor gang before going […]

Why Mean Girls is probably the best film ever made

Today is October 3rd, a momentous date in any calendar. No, it’s not because it’s the day that OJ Simpson was found ‘not guilty’ (look it up on Wikipedia). The day that tea rationing came to an end in 1952 and Britain heaved a sigh of relief. It’s not even because it’s A$AP Rocky’s birthday. […]

YOUR VIEW: The New Miley

When I was 11, Hannah Montana was my idol. I loved the TV show, had the albums, saw the movie and bought the book.  I worshiped the ground that she walked on. What little girl didn’t? These days, my view of Miley Cyrus is… different, to say the least. I won’t lie – when she […]

Sound Bites with Ally McCrae

All geared up for a summer of incredible music? Radio 1’s Ally McCrae’s got the lowdown on the best new music for you to check out this season…   YOUR NEW FAVOURITE BAND It’s my job to find bands and artists from all round the UK to put on my BBC Radio 1 show and […]

Summer Beauty Trends 2013

As summer hurtles quickly towards us, it’s the perfect time of year to change around your make-up products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune.  We’re here to let you into the secrets mastering the catwalk looks this season on a budget. Pastel Nails We’ll start with nails and unsurprisingly this […]

The Future is Cruelty Free

A large amount of our cosmetics, toiletry and household products are tested on animals, but what steps can we take to being more cruelty conscious  We took a peek into the world of cruelty free campaigning to find out which products we use on a daily basis that may be harming our furry friends. The Leaping Bunny […]