Interning in NYC

Last year, I used my summer to go and live the life of the Gossip Girl cast, (well, as much as my student bank balance and overdraft would allow) and work in New York City. I am a Multimedia Journalism student and I loved the idea of going to the States for the summer and […]

App-y careers

Journalism student Erin Reid sits down with aspiring app developer Christopher Sloey to find out how he hopes his current uni course will boost his career dreams… Have you ever been worried that you might get lost in the dark or be in urgent need of a metal detector one day? No need to worry […]

Scottish Universities: Where to study?

Want to study in Scotland but can’t decide where? We totally understand the difficulty of choosing where you’ll spend the next four years of your life so we’ve compiled a list of all the universities in Scotland to help with your decision. Although universities offer a wide range of courses, some of these educational institutes […]

Let’s Get Personal…

It’s that time of year again – the deadline for UCAS applications is looming and the pressure on aspiring uni students to polish off their personal statement is growing by the day. So who better to help you along the way than someone who’s been there, done that and worn the t-shirt? We asked recent […]

Exploring Central America

After finishing his sixth year at Dunblane High School in 2011, Alastair Spray packed his bags and headed to Central America for a year of volunteering as an English teacher through Project Trust. The 18-year-old Aberdeen Uni student fills us in on his incredible gap year… What inspired you to take part in Project Trust? […]

CELEB GRAD: Georgie Okell

You might know her better for the words, “here’s Hollyoaks”, but there’s more to T4’s Georgie Okell than you might think. The TV star is a graduate of St Andrews University, leaving with a degree in international relations and French in 2009. Georgie told us more about her student days… How would you sum up […]

Use Motivation to Beat Procrastination

So it’s nearly that time again. Exams are looming around the corner and they’ll be here before you know it. The feeling of dread is starting; that negative voice in your head is telling you that you’re never going to pass. (Especially that really dull subject that you regret picking – seriously, what were you […]

From Education to the Abyss – A Social Conversation

While working on the new feature film, Life Just Is, which focuses on key issues faced by a group of friends in the months following their graduation, the film’s creators came to realise that many graduates had a story to tell about their experiences of entering ‘the real world’. With this in mind, they have […]

5 Brain-Boosting Foods That’ll Have You Flying Through Exam Time

Have you ever wished there was a magic pill to help you boost your brainpower? Well, unfortunately there isn’t, but a few small additions to your diet could definitely help along the way.  Here’s some top tips for boosting your brainpower by changing the way you eat. 1.    Drink more water It may seem obvious, and […]