Revision Techniques

So by now you’ll have read Jacquelyn’s amazing  ‘How To….Revise‘ guide which sets you up perfectly to begin revising (if you haven’t read it yet, click that link, have a cheeky look and then come back here). That guide is great, with loads of useful hints and tips on how to really sink your teeth […]

How To… Revise

It’s a word we all fear: revision. Unfortunately it’s a huge part of student life, whether you’re studying for your Standard Grades or exams at university. Fortunately, here at Source, we understand the difficulty thousands of students across Scotland face, so we’ve come up with a few handy hints and tips to help the revision […]

Need to know: uni applications

Sixth year Yasmin Esson, who’s currently in on work experience at Source HQ, is in the midst of battling her way through UCAS applications to bag herself a place on a top journalism course. She confessed that there’s so much she wishes she’d known before she got wrapped up in the world of personal statements, […]

A new language, a new life

Sixth year student Sarah Stirling takes a look at the importance of learning a new language… Communication is this era’s currency. With Facebook now boasting one seventh of the world’s population, we are more connected that we have ever been. Businesses aren’t taken seriously unless they are global these days – you have to think […]

Getting on course

Whether you want to be a mechanic, chef, journalist or lawyer, enrolling in your local college could help you get there. So what’s the score? As the year progresses, the question of “What next?” will be playing on the minds of Scots near and far. If uni isn’t your thing and you’re not ready for […]

What next?

If you feel like you’re the only one in your group of friends who doesn’t have a clue what they want to do in the future, don’t panic! We take a look at all the things you need to think about to help you decide what to do with your life. There are so many […]

Preparing for student life

Having just completed her first year at university, journalism student Laura Donaldson offers some words of wisdom on all the things you need to think about before you start packing your bags and heading towards the next chapter in your educational career… It’s official: I have survived my first year of university. It has been […]

Double music with Professor Green?

According to a recent survey by luxury student accommodation provider, most undergraduates would turn their Uni’s faculty lounge into a star-studded green room! The survey, which polled over 500 young people, aimed to find out which celebrity they would replace their lecturers with. There were some predictable results, such as the majority of students […]