The YouTubers taking over the internet

If you had said to us six or seven years ago that being a YouTuber would be a valid career choice in the future, and that vloggers and ‘online personalities’ would become a new form of celebrity, I would never have believed you. Back then, YouTube was just a growing community of people passionate about making […]

Common student health problems (and how to beat them)

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing worse than being sick, and at this time of year, illness is rife. While sometimes we’d all we’re all welcome a sick day with open arms – usually when there’s a double maths lesson involved – but overall? It sucks. One of the worst things about being a student […]

Social media mistakes

Attention social media addicts! If your security settings and internal filter (different from Mayfair on Instagram) aren’t up to speed, the tweets, selfies and status updates you post could damage your career. Laura Donaldson offers some advice on future-proofing your web presence… How private is private? No matter how secure you make your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there’s still […]

Cheap and cheerful Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year again when the ghosts and ghouls come out of the shadows and people get spooky! Halloween is the one time of the year where it is socially acceptable to leave the house with fake blood covering your face. When I was younger I would always know what I wanted to dress up […]

How to… Start a Blog

Over the past couple of years, blogging has become increasingly popular. It is thought that there are around 6.7 million people using blogging sites and 12 million people blogging via social media* – that’s more than the population of Portugal! Bloggers are starting to get a lot more recognition, with a number of successful bloggers […]

Fresher’s: getting off on the right foot

Lectures, socialising, moving out, studying… You’re about to start college or uni, and there’s so much to think about! So how do you make sure you get the right balance of studying and socialising and make the best first impression in the next stage in your life? Student Laura Brown has prepared a guide to […]

Six Essential Apps for Surviving Your Studies

Make the most of your smartphone and get organised for the new educational year with these handy apps…   Pocket Bookmarking is great but it’s easy to be lazy, hit the button and never go back and check on the site you oh-so-carefully saved. Here is where Pocket comes in. Save web articles from your […]

Making the most of Glasgow’s Commonwealth venues

The medals have been handed out, the athletes have gone home, but what’s left behind are world class sporting facilities that will provide the enduring legacy of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. For students, that means the chance to play and train in the very places where gold medals were won and dreams came true. […]

The Source guide to staying at home

With living costs becoming more expensive, the number of students staying at home has gone through the roof (pun intentional). But how easy is it to juggle nights out when you’re getting constant texts from worried parents? Source writer Laura Brown gives her top tips after four years of living with Mum and Dad. The […]