Club spotlight: cheerleading

Emma Storr takes us behind the scenes at her uni club of choice – the Glasgow Caledonian University’s Jets cheerleading squad. When you think of the word cheerleader I’m sure there’s a host of stereotypes that come to mind. Luckily, I’m here to ensure you that they aren’t true. Constantly portrayed in movies as mean […]

Club Spotlight: the literary magazine

When you get started at college or university, it’s a great idea to get involved with clubs and societies to broaden your horizons, expand your social circle and discover new activities that you enjoy. For budding writers, Quotidian, the literary magazine running out of Strathclyde University and accepting submissions from students Scotland-wide, is a great […]

Ways to use your extra hour when the clocks go back

This Sunday the clocks will go back an hour, meaning that we’ll have a 25 hour day! If you always forget whether they go back or forward, think ‘spring forward, fall back.’ This daylight saving time (DST) happens so that (you might have guessed by the name) we see more daylight during the winter months. […]

Stuff you should know about alcohol

These days, alcohol is almost an unavoidable part of young people’s lives. Whether you like it or not, social occasions tend to revolve around the consumption of large quantities of it and ‘a night out’ consists of getting drunk (causing a scene, sending inappropriate Snapchats, eating your weight in kebab meat, etc). There’s no harm […]

Reasons to get work experience

During your time at school you are offered an opportunity to take on one week of work experience to give you an idea of what different working environments are like and what certain jobs involve. Work experience is an important part of your education and the vast majority of employers and young people recognise the […]

Tips to battle homesickness

You’re all moved in and the term is in full swing but for some reason your ideal uni life isn’t falling perfectly into place as planned and you’re feeling a bit fed up! Flatmates can become pests, uni workloads can pile up and after one too many smoke alarm encounters you can discover that the […]

Top 5 recipes for chocaholics

Chocolate lovers of the world rejoice! It’s Chocolate Week – also known as the best week ever. To celebrate, you can stuff your face with your favourite treats – from a Galaxy Caramel to a Kit Kat, some gorgeous Green & Black’s to a bar of good old-fashioned Dairy Milk, now’s the time to indulge in your sweet tooth. […]

Free things to do in your city: Glasgow

Every two weeks I will be exploring the top 10 activities you can do for free in your city, because let’s be honest, when you’re a student anything you can do for free gets a thumbs up! The first city in the series is Glasgow. Jam packed with with museums and historical sites, it isn’t hard […]