5 ways to… end school in style

As you’re preparing to hang up your school ties and embrace the summer holidays, these last few weeks are like gold dust after the stress of exams. The pressure’s off and you’re currently ruling the canteen queues at the top of the pecking order. Here are some ideas to end your year the right way and recreate that […]

How to… Stay healthy this summer

So you’ve finally finished your exams, and summer’s right around the corner. The sun’s out (ish), and you have no reasons to stay indoors. So why are you finding yourself glued to Netflix and sleeping until noon?! That’s not what summer’s about! If you want to avoid the dreaded lazy-itis, here’s how to stay healthy […]

Tat’s life…

  “People who say you don’t get pain are lying. It was the worst pain of my life but I regret nothing.” Struan MacRae is a tattoo lover. He has four tattoos: a compass on his chest, a family crest on his shoulder, a koi fish covering his entire back, and his latest addition – […]

On your marks, get set… Sport!

Scotland is going to be sports mad this summer. With the Commonwealth Games, Wimbledon and the Fifa World Cup around the corner, if you aren’t in a sporty, competitive mood right now, you soon will be. Over the summer holidays there’s a number of activities to get involved with. From the high profile games like […]

Source Loves… Eurovision

Here we are, smack bang in the middle of exam season. You can see quadratic equations every time you close your eyes, you’ve got historical facts pouring out your ears and you’re still grappling with all those Shakespeare quotes from last week. It’s a time of stress, doom and seemingly never-ending gloom. Amidst the horror […]

5 ways… to stay healthy over exam season

Unfortunately it’s that time of year again. The deadlines are set, the books have been taken out of the library and summer is just a little too far away to be excited about. Yes, it’s exam time, with the SQA’s annual exam time kicking off today. To help you get through the stresses of Nationals, […]

Takeaway v. Home Cooking

One of the great things about moving away from home and going off to university or college is getting more independent and being in charge of your own money. However, it does suddenly mean that you’re allowed to buy whatever you want, whenever you want. This gets problematic when you’re in the flat on your […]

Source loves… Gogglebox

Last year, television as we knew it changed forever. No, it wasn’t some edgy new gameshow, daring documentary series or clever comedy that caught our eye. It wasn’t Rylan’s teeth, a new law banning reality telly or even Joey Essex’s questionable intellect. It was Gogglebox. Channel 4 had already wowed us with their brilliant ‘fly […]

Valentine’s Day Survival

Valentine’s Day. For both single people and those in relationships, it brings about a range of stresses – what do I buy, where do I go and how do I act? Well this is a list of things not to do this Valentine’s Day to try and help you get through the day, no matter […]