Celebrating #NationalPuppyDay2016 with the dogs of Instagram

There’s quite a few days we get excited about annually. Christmas, Easter, any bank holiday… But there’s one day on the calendar which we cannot help but let out a little squee when it crops up on the calendar… National Puppy Day. Today, 23 March, is the day to celebrate everything that’s brilliant about the smallest, […]

Roid Rage: Spencer Matthews and the Dangers of Steroids

IN 2015, Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews was quietly asked to leave ITV’s I’m A Celebrity after revealing a secret drug addiction . Far from the ‘party drugs’ celebrities are normally papped with in hotel rooms, Spencer had developed a dependency on performance-enhancing steroids. Taken in pills or injections, anabolic steroids mimic the male hormone testosterone that causes increased […]

Get happy: 7 mood boosting tips

Spring’s here and we’re officially ready to defrost. None of this hat-gloves-ski jacket combo every time you leave the house; our miserable post-Christmas slump has gone on long enough. It’s time to quit hibernating, shake out the cold and tackle the rest of the year head-on. A little sunshine through your window isn’t going to […]

Perfect pancakes

Pancake Day has to be in the top 10 days of the year (ranking only after our other favourite sweet-treat laden holidays of Christmas and Easter). It’s the perfect excuse to stuff your face with pancakes and experiment with toppings – what’ll it be this year? Nutella? Seasonal berries? Bananas? Whatever your choice, perfecting your pancake recipe […]

How to beat the January Blues

The Christmas tree’s down. You can’t eat chocolate for breakfast any more. You have to get out of your jammies and – boke – go to class. Yep, the holidays are well and truly over. And now’s the time people start banging on about the so-called ‘January blues’ – but there’s more to this phrase […]

How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

2016 is finally here and with a new year comes new resolutions. We’re all guilty of putting pressure on ourselves to rid us of any of our bad habits, or come up with a huge list on how we can improve our lives somehow in the new year. It’s incredibly common however, for many of […]

Clean up your act

As one of 7 billion people on the planet, it can feel like what you do won’t make a difference when it comes to eco measures to make the world a cleaner, greener place. However, for your children and the people of the future, you have a responsibility to do your bit to save the […]

Free things to do in your city: Dundee

Scotland’s fourth largest city has a fascinating medieval past and plenty of cultural activities to see and do. The word Dun comes from the Celtic word for fort and de is Gaelic for fire! Emma Storr takes a look at ten places across the city which you can explore on a student budget i.e. for […]

Bonfire Night Safety

It is the loudest, brightest and most exciting time of year – Bonfire Night is here! Here in Glasgow the festivities start today but wherever you are in the country, there will be fireworks and bonfires galore over the next couple of days. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with friends and get […]