Club Spotlight : Snowsports club!

Leave your preconceptions at the door because you do NOT need to ski to be a member of the snowsports club at college or uni. Like other clubs and societies at university, it’s just as much a social club as a sports club, and a great place to meet new people. Sadly we aren’t blessed with […]

Trampolining: Get your bounce on

A new sports craze is sweeping Scotland and it is TOO MUCH FUN. Indoor trampoline parks have opened in Edinburgh and Glasgow and offer a brand new recreational activity environment for thrill seekers. If the trampoline in your garden just won’t cut it or you haven’t been on one in years, it could be just […]

The mistakes every fresher makes… and how to avoid them

The start of university is now upon us, which means new freshers straight out of high school or college ready to start their uni career. And with new intake comes the old mistakes many freshers before them have made. That’s why we thought we would help you out by listing some of the common mistakes made in […]

The 5 types of flatmates you’ll have in halls

Whether you’re in the process of moving your belongings into your university halls or you’re preparing for the big switch, here’s some characters to look out for in your halls of residence in your fresher year… The one you never see Halfway through fresher’s week, they emerge from the room you all assumed was the cleaner’s […]

Fresher’s Week: What I wish I’d known

Two weeks before I moved to Glasgow, my parents went on holiday without me for the first time. I took this as a challenge – a test run before the real thing. I learned how to use the washing machine and even attempted to iron some things, but nothing prepared me for the experience known […]

Club Spotlight : Surfing! Meet people on your wavelength at uni

Starting uni and wondering what club to join for after-lecture fun? We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves. This week, we shine the spotlight on the surf club… With weather like this, you’ll want to drop everything and jump on the next train to the coast. So why not learn a new sport to […]

A note from the editor: a new look for Source

Hello! *waves awkwardly* It’s been a while since I gave you an update of the goings on at Source HQ, so what better time than now, as myself and the rest of the team try and get some work done after ODing on pizza over lunchtime? If you’re lucky enough to have teachers and lecturers […]

The 5 personalities of Instagram

Spend half your life on Instagram? Us too. (At @source.magazine in case you were wondering.) If you’re as into liking the pics of strangers as us, chances are you’ve come across these interesting characters as your scroll your life away… The Supportive Friend Probably your flatmate who gives you the obligatory like 2 seconds after […]

#GrowingUpScottish: the best bits

Scotland rocks. We’ve got some of the most beautiful landscapes, best people, strangest traditions, most incredible bands and enough amazing stories to last us for years – and it would seem that social media agrees. For the last 24 hours, the hashtag #GrowingUpScottish has been trending on Twitter, as Scots far and wide recall the […]