How to… Start a Blog

Over the past couple of years, blogging has become increasingly popular. It is thought that there are around 6.7 million people using blogging sites and 12 million people blogging via social media* – that’s more than the population of Portugal! Bloggers are starting to get a lot more recognition, with a number of successful bloggers […]

Fresher’s: getting off on the right foot

Lectures, socialising, moving out, studying… You’re about to start college or uni, and there’s so much to think about! So how do you make sure you get the right balance of studying and socialising and make the best first impression in the next stage in your life? Student Laura Brown has prepared a guide to […]

Making the most of Glasgow’s Commonwealth venues

The medals have been handed out, the athletes have gone home, but what’s left behind are world class sporting facilities that will provide the enduring legacy of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. For students, that means the chance to play and train in the very places where gold medals were won and dreams came true. […]

The Source guide to staying at home

With living costs becoming more expensive, the number of students staying at home has gone through the roof (pun intentional). But how easy is it to juggle nights out when you’re getting constant texts from worried parents? Source writer Laura Brown gives her top tips after four years of living with Mum and Dad. The […]

5 ways to…prepare for university over the holidays

With your school days now fading into a lovely distant memory, why not be productive over the mammoth summer break and consider how you can prepare for the next chapter? From avoiding packing too many pairs of jeans to getting the lowdown on your future roomies, read on to get yourself in the fresher frame […]

How to… stay safe in the sun this summer

After falling asleep in the garden for an hour last summer, I was once again taught the cruel lesson of sun exposure with sunburn reaching from the tips of my toes to the top of my neck. I spent a week sleeping and shivering under a cold damp towel at night to cool down my […]

5 ways to… end school in style

As you’re preparing to hang up your school ties and embrace the summer holidays, these last few weeks are like gold dust after the stress of exams. The pressure’s off and you’re currently ruling the canteen queues at the top of the pecking order. Here are some ideas to end your year the right way and recreate that […]

How to… Stay healthy this summer

So you’ve finally finished your exams, and summer’s right around the corner. The sun’s out (ish), and you have no reasons to stay indoors. So why are you finding yourself glued to Netflix and sleeping until noon?! That’s not what summer’s about! If you want to avoid the dreaded lazy-itis, here’s how to stay healthy […]

Tat’s life…

  “People who say you don’t get pain are lying. It was the worst pain of my life but I regret nothing.” Struan MacRae is a tattoo lover. He has four tattoos: a compass on his chest, a family crest on his shoulder, a koi fish covering his entire back, and his latest addition – […]