Fill your beans at the Glasgow Coffee Festival 2018

If you love nothing more than a piping hot cuppa joe in the morning, elevenses, lunch, and dinner then you’re going to be all over the Glasgow Coffee Festival. ☕️ Back for its fifth year, the festival will celebrate all things coffee over two days in May. Taking place at The Briggait the event is […]

Throwback Thursday – Childhood games

Sit down kids we’re going back in time once again, this time we’re heading outside to the big bad world. Back in the day when we didn’t have phones or a mountain of social media accounts kids would play in the mud, make up weird games, and only stop playing when it was dinner time. […]

Flippin’ good recipes for Pancake Day

With Valentine’s day on the horizon, we almost forgot something much more important: Pancake Day! Who needs a romantic dinner, when you can create the perfect pancake stack to binge on. Here are our flippin’ delicious suggestions. The healthy pancakes The flip can be tricky as fluffy perfection can quickly turn to mushy scrambled eggs, […]

What’s on in Glasgow this weekend

You’ve got that Friday feeling so it’s time to ditch the essay and shelve your notebooks – it’s fun time. There’s a lot happening in the heart of Glasgow this weekend for you to stick your teeth into. Pizzas on the cheap, a Grease pop-up and one very famous rapper is heading to town to […]

The Pros and Cons of Choosing an HMO Licenced Flat

Now that the second semester of university has begun and another wave of essay writing and exam preparation is upon us, the time has come to start thinking about living arrangements for next year. Do you want to stay where you are? Are you already desperate to escape a nightmare flatmate? Or are you currently […]

Turns out Rabbie Burns is one of us

Today people across Scotland will be stuffing their faces with haggis and probably indulging in a dram or two – it’s only right on Robert Burns Day. One of the most famous names to come out of Scotland, sorry Paolo, Rabbie Burns brought some pretty gloomy poems to the world. Twisted poetry isn’t the only thing […]

Goodbye hangovers and hello Glasgow Hang Challenge!

Half-way through January and that vegan diet went out the window for most of us and dry January was a well-meaning idea. Health has been replaced by hangovers, but when was the last time you got paid to have one? Never? Well it’s time for a different type of hang, one that could win you […]

Fighting food waste through freebies

Would you willingly throw some cash directly into the bin? I’d imagine not, but that’s basically what you’re doing when it comes to food waste. You might not think much when you empty those gross kitchen shelves of sagging packets of spinach and loaves of stale bread, but it’s part of a global problem of […]