There’s a new Star Wars trailer 😱

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for… We’ve got a brand new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. And the Force is strong in this one. The Last Jedi looks set to be just as action-packed and thrilling as its predecessor, The Force Awakens. When we left off, Rey (Daisy Ridley) […]

Best fictional teachers

You have your favourites and the ones you can’t really be bothered with – we’re talking teachers. Today (5 October) is the day to celebrate all teachers because it’s World Teacher’s Day. 🎓 Don’t worry, we know school might not be your go to place for fun and games. Instead we’re going to celebrate the […]

Scream machine: Top Halloween films

Dust off the cobwebs, perfect your ghoulish scream, grab all the fake blood palettes you can and get ready to haunt the night because Halloween is just around the corner. You can’t celebrate the month of scares and screams without watching the best of the best horror films. From murdering psychos to haunting demons in […]

New to Netflix…October 2017

The Notebook 1 October Grab the tissues and the chocolate because THE NOTEBOOK HAS ARRIVED. And we’re calm. The love story to end all stories, after Titanic obvs, follows the heart-breaking journey of Ali and Noah as they fight to be together. If you’re not snot crying by the end of it then clearly you […]

Let’s go to the movies…October 2017

Blade Runner 2049 5 October Dreamboat Ryan Gosling has just got himself a new job as Officer K – a blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department. After going snooping and discovering a secret that could send what is left of society into chaos, the film will follow Officer K attempt to find former […]

Throwback Thursday – Sean Paul

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, or Sean Da Paul, is a true gift to music. In fact he is a true gift to the world if we’re being honest. The Jamaican hip-hop superstar has given us hit after hit after hit, he is a music-making machine. To celebrate this true treasure, we bring you the […]

The best TV show of the last 20 years revealed

Users of review site Rotten Tomatoes have been voting on their favourite TV programme from the last 20 years – and the winner’s taken us lot at Source HQ by surprise. TV has, quite frankly, never been better. With belters like Orange is the New Black, the Handmaid’s Tale and, our personal fave, Still Game […]

Paolo Nutini wants you to support his local record shop

In a music industry that’s dominated by Spotify and Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube, it’s little wonder that independent music shops are becoming a dying breed. But Scots music superstar Paolo Nutini wants to change that. He’s asking YOU to get yourself along to his local indie record store – and you could be in […]

REVIEW: Concrete and Gold, Foo Fighters

Fasten your seatbelts – Dave Grohl and co. are back. The Foo Fighters have just released their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold – but do the American rockers still have what it takes? In short, yes – yes they most definitely do. You would be forgiven in thinking Concrete and Gold is a mellow […]