5 ways to beat insomnia

You know the feeling. You put the light out, you settle down, pull the covers up around your ears, let out a big sigh of, ‘I’m SO glad it’s bedtime’ and then… Nothing. You’re wide awake. More awake than you’ve been all day. As awake as you could’ve been during double maths. And no matter […]

Coppafeel! Greg James signs up as the face of the Uni Boob Team

Greg James wants you to cop a feel in the new academic year – but only when it comes to your own bits, please. The radio DJ, presenter, writer, actor and all-round nice guy is encouraging the nation’s students to check their boobs for signs of cancer as part of breast cancer charity Copafeel!’s Uni Boob […]

Five reasons why you should give blood

Sometimes it can feel like there’s always a “National Week of…” for just about everything, from the bizarre “British Mud Week” (June 24–29 for those interested) to the National Bookstart week, an initiative that encourages families to read together. In among the variety of campaigns, there are some vital causes that are in desperate need […]

It’s good to talk

At this time of the year, you’re likely to be feeling hot under the collar as you put in the hours studying for exams and completing coursework in time. Finding a suitable outlet to discuss exam worries and concerns with isn’t always straightforward. Friends are often dealing with their own problems, parents grew up in […]

Dealing with hayfever

Spring has well and truly sprung. Associated with new life, this time of year sees baby lambs jumping around in fields, sumptuous blossom appearing on trees on every corner, daffodils sprouting up… All this fresh greenery is generally lovely, however for those with an intolerance to pollen, this time of year brings unwanted sneezing, itchy […]