Preparing for flu season

The days are getting shorter, the weather’s getting colder and, yep, we’re all sniffling and snotting all over the place. Winter has arrived, bringing all sorts of nasty bugs with it. One of the biggest worries over winter is flu. So what is flu? Flu – actual, proper influenza, not the bad cold your mad […]

Eating well: Starchy foods and carbohydrates

As part of the focus on the eatwell plate and healthy eating, this week we are looking at the 33% slice dedicated to starchy foods. Starch is an odourless, tasteless white substance which is found in plant tissue, grains and flours. It is an essential source of energy for humans and our main source of […]

Eating well: Fruit and veg

We’ve recently been bombarded with information from the media telling us that eating too much red meat causes cancer.  What doesn’t cause cancer these days though? The World Health Organisation published a report which said that consuming 50g of processed meat per day (two slices of bacon) could increase the chance of colorectal cancer by […]

Street Drugs: Ecstasy

Recreational drug consumption is rising in young people and becoming a regular habit for many. The number of 16 to 24-year-olds using ecstasy in the past year has risen a 25%.You’re more than likely to come across or be offered illegal substances during your late teens and twenties and while it might all seem like […]

Stuff you should know about alcohol

These days, alcohol is almost an unavoidable part of young people’s lives. Whether you like it or not, social occasions tend to revolve around the consumption of large quantities of it and ‘a night out’ consists of getting drunk (causing a scene, sending inappropriate Snapchats, eating your weight in kebab meat, etc). There’s no harm […]

Meningitis – What is it and Should I be Worried?

Earlier this year, teenagers and especially students were advised to get immunised against a strain of meningitis and septicemia called meningitis W, a highly aggressive variant of the disease which has been on the rise since 2009. Students going to university are particularly at risk because of their likelihood to come into contact with lots […]

5 ways to beat insomnia

You know the feeling. You put the light out, you settle down, pull the covers up around your ears, let out a big sigh of, ‘I’m SO glad it’s bedtime’ and then… Nothing. You’re wide awake. More awake than you’ve been all day. As awake as you could’ve been during double maths. And no matter […]

Coppafeel! Greg James signs up as the face of the Uni Boob Team

Greg James wants you to cop a feel in the new academic year – but only when it comes to your own bits, please. The radio DJ, presenter, writer, actor and all-round nice guy is encouraging the nation’s students to check their boobs for signs of cancer as part of breast cancer charity Copafeel!’s Uni Boob […]