10 things you forget to account for in your SAAS budget

Planning out how you’re going to use your student loan is important to avoid over spending and being left a week before SAASmas (SAAS day is basically like Christmas once a month) with no money. There are obvious things to add into your budget like rent and food, but along with those there are things […]

Swapping fast food for home cooked meals = happy bank balance

We’ve all experienced the moment when you get home after an awful day and the last thing you want to do is stand and cook for another hour. Enter your local takeaway! These days, it’s far too easy to be lazy and order food instead of making it – with apps, you often don’t even […]

Making your money go further this Christmas

The season of spending is upon us! But when you’ve got the funds of a student, you don’t exactly have squillions of pounds to shower your loved ones with expensive gifts. So how do you cope when your Christmas is more budget than bling? Here are a few pointers. SET A BUDGET In capitals, because […]

Introducing Source student discounts

  A million and one plans, plenty of ambition and a wish list as long as your arm and no funds to make it a reality? We’re feeling you, kid. There’s nothing quite like the temptation of the high street, restaurants and holiday providers to make you feel thoroughly depressed about your financial situation. But, […]

Money saving experts

New books, new bag, new stationery… It’s that time of year again, where we just spend, spend, spend. So how do you make your cash go the distance and meet all those new term costs? Read on to find out… Think Rationally If you’re starting college or uni for the first time, it can be […]

How to… Deal with financial woes

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than being skint. Your mates are all away out, you can’t book that holiday everyone else is going on and you’ve got approximately 36p to get you through next weekend. Which is what makes the idea of borrowing money instantly so appealing. A report last week showed that over […]

Best mobile deals this summer

If you’re getting a bit fed up with your current phone, there’re plenty of offers on the market to help you choose something new. We’ve got a list of some of the top deals depending on your needs – from uploading great selfies at music festivals, to the best value deals while you watch your […]

Surviving SAAS applications

Starting university or college is an exciting time; you meet loads of amazing people, make some great memories and also start a bunch of cool classes. What isn’t such an exciting prospect however is the thought of filling out the all-important annual SAAS application to fund your studies. SAAS (Students Awards Agency for Scotland) is […]

Top 5 money saving tips for students

It’s the common stereotype that students everywhere are living off instant noodles and energy drinks – and, unfortunately, while this applies to a lot of students, it doesn’t need to. It can be a challenge to save money when you’re used to spending freely without thinking, but there are many great way to cut back on your spending without […]