Sort your SAAS and know your money…

The SAAS team stopped by to tell us more about sorting out your finances for the new term… With summer days in the distance and the library looming, money may be the last thing on your mind. However, with the new term getting into full swing, it’s important to make sure you’re financially fit and not […]

New Semester Resolutions

With summer drawing to a close, us students will no doubt be starting to plan the dreaded budget and the thought of giving up the luxuries we enjoyed over summer can heartbreaking. But by following these ‘new semester resolutions’ you can still save money without having to sacrifice the things you love… 1 )Walk more […]

Students sail for free!

Leading ferry company Stena Line is celebrating the start of the new university term with a fantastic STUDENTS GO FREE offer that will help save some much needed pounds. This great value offer is available on all of Stena Line’s Irish Sea routes, one adult can travel from as little as £79* single and bring […]

From Junk to Jewels: Making the Most of Charity Shops

Charity shop stock is often looked upon as junk. Junk that no else wanted so it was stuffed in bags and dumped on Oxfam’s doorstep. Taking a different perspective however and getting creative with this ’junk’ could save you a small fortune, whilst donating to a good cause. Here are a few ideas to get […]

Managing student debt

We’re in a recession, and there is no way of avoiding it. High street stores are closing left, right and centre and finding a job appears harder than ever. Your education is one way to single yourself out when it comes to job-hunting, but unfortunately knowledge is not free. Though here in Scotland we’re lucky […]

Christmas Gifts: On a Budget!

It’s that time of year again; fancy trees, cosy new onesies, hot chocolate and a glorified roast dinner. That’s right guys, Christmas is upon us! The season of sparkles, smiles and unfortunate student poverty. As amazing as Christmas is (that warm, fuzzy December-long feeling should be sold in bottles) – it ain’t cheap. You need […]

Money Management

If talk of APRs and overdrafts has your head in a spin, our handy ‘how to’ guide will soon sort out your banking woes… PICK A BANK Whether you want to set up your first account or you think it’s time to get a better deal, the big question is – how do you pick […]

Saving money on your broadband

Broadband Genie stop by to tell us how you can get more for your money from your internet provider… Unless you’re one of the privileged few, your student days are likely to be a time where you’re scrimping and saving rather than spending – so the last thing you want to be splashing out on […]


Mystified by money? Bad with a budget? You’re not alone! We spoke to Phillipa Cook, who graduated in 2009 and now works for the Financial Ombudsman Service – the free service set up by law to sort out problems between customers and financial businesses – for the top money tips she wishes she’d known before […]