Mother’s Day gift guide

Mums aren’t bad as far as human beings go. They taught us how to tie our shoelaces, tell the time and blow our noses. They peeled us off the pavement when we fell off our bikes, they nursed us when we had chicken pox, they gave us money for school trips/parties/general survival. They act as […]

Palentine’s gift inspiration

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the coupled-up among us. Oh no! It’s a time to celebrate those you love but maybe not that way – we’re talking about Palentine’s, a time for celebrating your mates. Awh. To show your buddies how much they mean to you, get in about these cute, affordable gifts. Something sweet, something […]

Valentine’s Day Sussed

It’s that time of year where we just can’t help but get a little bit mushy. We’re singing love songs left, right and centre. The world’s marginally brighter. We’re generally that little bit more cheerful. All down to Valentine’s Day. If you want to show the person you fancy how much they mean to you (or […]

How to switch your beauty regime to match a student budget

Becoming a full-time student can mean a severe drop in the money you have coming in unless you decide to take the tiring route of getting a job at college or uni. You can no longer afford to get your eyebrows waxed and will probably find yourself searching through YouTube for videos on how to […]

Christmas wish list

Whether you’ve still got some shopping to do or you’re adding a few extras to your Santa list this weekend, here’s a bit of inspiration to get you going. (We’ll actually cry if there’s not a BB-8 under our tree this year…)   Source Christmas Gift Guide by sourcemagazine featuring fragrance candles Fragrance candle £45 – […]

Emoji Xmas!

Are you struggling to think of a gift for a brother, sister or friend? Nowadays, using emojis is a way of life. It’s actually possible to have full conversations only using image versions of what we want to say. Whether we like it or not, we will come across these little pictures a few times […]

Cool Christmas decorations

December is here, which means one thing – it’s totally acceptable to deck the (student) halls with all things glittery, tinsel-y and tacky – it’s Christmaaaaas! Here’s our roundup of some of the best decorations for the season.     Christmas decorations by sourcemagazine featuring christmas home decor Yankee Candle candles candleholder Christmas wreath […]

Style Blog: Sultry, sassy dresses

  Dark and mysterious by sourcemagazine featuring ASOS This year people really went to town for Halloween didn’t they? We loved all the dark, lacy looks and crimson lipstick so much that we’ve put together a little collection of some gorgeous dark dresses to suit the winter party season. Whether you’re hitting the town, heading […]

Style blog: Make a statement

It’s not quite time for Christmas jumpers yet but that doesn’t mean we’re not freezing already! Luckily have a fantastic variety of cosy and hilarious jumpers to keep us warm and stylish all winter long.   make a statement by sourcemagazine featuring hats   Who doesn’t want to celebrate the legend that is Joey […]