When boredom strikes… Things to ask Siri

It’s a well-known feeling – you’re four weeks into your summer holiday and rapidly running out of means of amusement. Fear not, for we’ve come up with a guaranteed half hour of (mostly) innocent amusement. So grab your iPhone, and get ready to torment that poor little pocket PA that we call Siri – don’t […]

69 new emojis on the way!

Whether you’re a face palmer 🤦🏾‍♂️ or a sassy-hair-bob lady 💁🏻(apparently she’s an information desk worker – we’re not buying it), emojis have totally changed the way we communicate. The tiny pictures are brightening up our WhatsApp chats, and helping us express ourselves in a way that words simply couldn’t. And if the current 1,114 tiny […]

Are the Instagram Screenshot Rumours True?

  There is a vicious new rumour circling the web. Allow us to set the scene. There you are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. You hit upon your crush/enemy/friend’s mum doing looking effortlessly gorgeous/tragic/ hilarious and you decide to take a screenshot. Who cares if the photo was taken 35 weeks ago? It’s just a little […]

Instagram’s New Feature Could Change Your Life

Poached eggs, nights out and fancy new purchases – Instagram doesn’t exactly give the full story of our lives. We all know the social media site has become something of a highlight reel, so it might come as a surprise to hear that researchers can predict which users had depression based on what filters they […]

Pokemon Go! Scotland Catches Them All

Pokémon Go is here! You’ve been exploring neighbourhoods to catch wild Pokémon in alleyways, parks and shops around Scotland since the new gaming app was released. Found Jigglypuff in a corner of your bedroom? Sandshrew at the post office? It’s time to catch them all, all over the country. Here’s how each city is coping with […]

Is social media harming your health?

Yesterday was international social media day. But whatevs right? Everyday is social media day now. But is your daily Snapchat story, morning Tweet and evening Instagram doing more harm than good?  Research shows that using social media networking sites daily makes you more likely to feel lonely and alienated. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHTGkRHj45n/?tagged=offline We’re all guilty of scrolling […]

What to buy for your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right round the corner – this Sunday to be exact. And now we’ve given you fair warning,  they’re is no reason to forget to buy your favourite old guy a gift for the 19th June. This year to help you mix things up a little (admit it, you’ve even sick of buying him […]

Best mobile deals this summer

If you’re getting a bit fed up with your current phone, there’re plenty of offers on the market to help you choose something new. We’ve got a list of some of the top deals depending on your needs – from uploading great selfies at music festivals, to the best value deals while you watch your […]