Throwback Thursday – 2017 Films

Hard to believe there is just over two weeks left of 2017. If you’re asking yourself where this year has gone, congratulations – you’re old. Seriously though, when did time start moving so quickly? Anyway, 2017 has been a rollercoaster of a ride with, thankfully, fewer celebrities kicking the bucket. Looking at you here 2016. […]

Throwback Thursday – Unlikely duets

There is something quite magical when two performers come together to work on a banging tune. Rock bands to boybands, rappers and ex-girlband members joining the duet action is always on the cards. From Sonny and Cher to Blue and Elton John some duets are meant to be and others are just a little odd. […]

Throwback Thursday – Britney Spears

Hey, Britney! The wonder that is Britney Spears celebrates her birthday on Saturday (2 December) and we thought, what better way to pay homage than to enjoy her hit tunes? New on the scene Britney, 2007 Britney or comeback Britney, everyone has their favourite. Not many celebs out there could have a mental breakdown, smash […]

Throwback Thursday – Selfies 📷

From Kim K to Kanye, that famous Oscars snap to a song – selfies are a pretty big deal. But where did the selfie come from? we hear you cry. Well, contrary to Paris Hilton’s tweet claiming to have invented the selfie with her pal Britney 11 years ago, taking pictures of ourselves is actually […]

Throwback Thursday – The Crocodile Hunter 🐊

Going back 11 years, there was an outgoing, funny, totally down with nature TV presenter who wasn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with animals most of us would run a mile from. Yes, the Crocodile Hunter brought the wild into our living rooms. Unfortunately, the wonder that was Steve Irwin passed away after […]

Throwback Thursday – TV Shows 📺

If you, like us, have binged watched Stranger Things 2 and feel a great void in your life, we’re here to help. Rocking the 80s nostalgia in Stranger Things, what better way to appreciate the good old days of television gone past than to re-watch some classic shows? 📺 The nights are drawing in and […]

Throwback Thursday – Winter Warmers

You’ve probably noticed it yourself but winter is finally here. Sob. The nights are drawing in quicker – seriously, it’s pitch black at 4pm – and we’re all digging out the sturdy boots and winter coats. Summer was over too quickly. To help warm you up, we’re serving you tunes that are guaranteed to make […]

Throwback Thursday – Halloween Party

Decided what you’re dressing up as this Halloween? It’s just around the corner, and there’s a spooky chill in the air. To get you right in the mood for ghouls and demons, we’re bringing you the creepiest songs about – they might even make something go bump in the night. Turn down the lights and […]

Throwback Thursday – Bond theme tunes

The name’s Bond, James Bond. Can you believe it’s nearly two years since we got our teeth into the last Bond film? We’re feeling some withdrawal symptoms. No more explosions, no more Daniel Craig coming out the water in Speedos, no more M – literally. There have been murmurs of another James Bond film on […]