Budget Breaks for Post Exam Celebrations

Summer’s coming and what better way to celebrate finishing a busy exam schedule than with some time in the sun? You’ve earned it, after all. Very few S4-6 budgets stretch to a fortnight in the Maldives or a trek round South America, no matter how well paid your part-time job is. With that in mind, […]

Sun, ski, chalet? Here’s the Source guide to seasonal summer jobs

Fancy earning some cash abroad this summer, while also boosting your CV? If you’re keen to work in the sunshine, meet new people and have a summer you’ll never forget, grabbing a seasonal job is probably a wise idea. There are thousands of jobs available for bright young Scots like yourself, you just need to work […]

InterRailing explained

Want to see more of Europe but don’t have heaps of cash? InterRailing could be the answer… InterRailing is maybe the most cost effective way to see multiple places in one trip. It’s been growing more popular lately, especially with students who get a youth discount. The concept involves travelling across Europe, or through one […]

Love to travel? Teach English as a foreign language with the British Council

Do you fancy spending some time in a foreign country and being paid for it? If you’ve already completed two years of university education and have higher level language skills, you are eligible to embark on an adventure as a language assistant. The British Council is an organisation which specialises in educational and cultural opportunities […]

Travelling to Greece? Here’s what to know

It’s been all over the news for the past week – and the economic crisis in Greece isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And it’s affecting more than just the country’s native people. The impact’s being felt right across Europe. Greece is, to put it simply, in deep trouble financially. The country has borrowed over €220bn […]

How To… Travel On A Shoestring

You’ve just finished your exams and walked out the gym hall with a tired but relieved smile on your face. Back home, your whole body sighs as you slump down on your bed and try not to think about anything for a while. You look out the window at the drizzly rain tapping the glass […]

The weirdest laws across the globe

  Travelling can be so much fun – but amidst making time for some epic selfies, mad nights out and finding new friends, you’ll have to consider differences of culture and unusual laws as you explore foreign lands. No one knows that better right now than 23-year-old Eleanor Hawkins, who was arrested along with nine others for posing naked […]

Conservation volunteering

Caitlin Spencer – African Bushveld Conservation in Southern Africa Jetting off to a foreign country can be quite daunting. This was how Caitlin Spencer felt when she first signed up to take part in Projects Abroad’s African Bushveld Conservation Project in Southern Africa. She soon realised, though, that it was the best decision she ever […]

A State-side summer

There are a million ways to spend the long summer holidays; hanging out with friends, going to festivals, spending time with family, but have you ever considered going to camp? In recent years the number of young people flying off to America for a summer of fun has been soaring and it is easy to […]