A State-side summer

There are a million ways to spend the long summer holidays; hanging out with friends, going to festivals, spending time with family, but have you ever considered going to camp? In recent years the number of young people flying off to America for a summer of fun has been soaring and it is easy to […]

Volunteering in Chile

Holidays are great. We all love them. But how well do you actually get to know your chosen destination and the people that live there? You certainly meet locals when you travel but usually you meet the ones who depend on your holiday spending for a living in restaurants, shops taxis etc.   Holidays allow you […]

Holidaying at home

Ever found yourself staring dreamily into a screen or a holiday brochure wishing you were anywhere in the world but home? Perhaps you’re picturing yourself lounging lazily on a warm sandy beach listening to the warm waters lap against the shoreline. Maybe you’re on a road trip driving on the open road with the wind […]

Volunteering in Ghana

Ben Hardy – Sports Volunteer in Ghana Ben Hardy joined a football coaching project in the Ghanaian capital of Accra in spring 2014. Ben will be starting a history degree this autumn. Ben volunteered for 5 weeks in Ghana. Before leaving for Ghana, I had no idea about what to expect of the culture and […]

The other side of a year abroad

Exploring new cities, chilling on the beach on days off, meeting up with foreign friends on nights out… It’s the year abroad dream: that vision we see whenever someone mentions ‘study abroad’, ‘language assistant’ or ‘exchange.’ But what’s it really like? Well, for some it isn’t all sun, sea and socialising. Source writer Laura Brown, […]

Travel the world… in just a few months!

Whether you’re at school where the summer holidays stretch to six weeks, you’ve got a a whopping three months of summer at university or you’ve just left education and not sure what to do next, why not get involved in a mini gap year project abroad? Laura Redpath takes a look at some of the best short-term gap options that the […]

Volunteering in South Africa

Megan Baker – 2 Week Special Human Rights in South Africa Megan Baker joined one of Projects Abroad’s 2 Week Special projects in summer 2013, when she was 18 years old. Megan is now studying Law at university. The 2 Week Specials are a great way to get a taste of a career or subject […]

A Break From Routine: 2 Years in South Korea

When the final year of my undergrad degree arrived, I was totally clueless when it came to deciding which road to take. The exit sign pointed in two different directions: full-time employment or postgraduate study. Having sat exams annually since the age of 15, I felt pretty unmotivated by a postgrad and although employment seemed like a sensible […]

Surviving your first big summer holiday…

Going on your first holiday abroad with your friends is a rite of passage for any teenager. Usually taking place between the end of school and the start of university or college, this holiday is your last chance to let your hair down with friends and go wild before you have to concentrate on what […]