Anti-Christmas advent calendar

We can’t resist it any longer – Christmas is on its way. If this fills you with joy, merriment and goodwill to all men then you’re probably v. organised already. For those of you less festive folks, there’s a new novel way to get into the not-so-Christmas spirit. You can have a wonderfully macabre Christmas […]

The best of Linkin Park

The sad news that Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington died was announced last night, leaving the world of music and fans in shock. Chester Bennington is reported to have died by suicide after years of drug and alcohol abuse, speculated to be because of his past experience of abuse as a child. Nu metal Linkin […]

Acid attack survivor Katie Piper slams Halloween scars and burn make-up

  Katie Piper has called out Halloween make-up for being “distasteful and offensive” as hundreds of gore fans take to social media to show off fake scar scars and injuries. In a post to her own Instagram, the 33 year old star blasted so called ‘gore-overs’. “It’s distasteful and offensive to make temporary burns, scars and disfigurements […]

Interview: Meet Billie Marten

  In music,  the phrase “up and coming” gets used around a lot. And while critics are keen to label Billie Marten as folk music’s newest rising star, at 17, Billie is something of a music veteran. She was discovered,  almost accidentally, on Youtube after her mum used the site to share videos of her […]

Halloween Outfits You’ll Actually Want to Wear Again

It’s that time of year again folks! Time to pick out your freakiest frocks, gruesome masks and spend a small fortune on something you’ll never wear again! Or is it? While us girls want to look pretty frightening at Halloween – our emphasis is mainly on the pretty.  So that means flawless ‘scary’ makeup and […]

#MondayMeals: Madeleine Shaw’s Moroccan Stew

There’s nothing quite like a warming stew. It’s no secret that I have a love affair with my slow cooker – I just love the way it transforms even less-popular cuts of meat into restaurant-worthy meals and this beef stew is no exception. If you fancy a change, this works just as well with lamb. New recipe – warming spiced […]

Five things you should know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not a very nice person. The reason you will have seen him in the news recently is due to his frequent controversial comments which have been regarded as offensive and dangerous by many people (mostly because they are). And, rather scarily, there is a small possibility that he may be in the […]

Cosy Christmas!

I’m not sure when Christmas jumpers officially became a staple requirement in our winter wardrobe but if you’re not already on board with the tradition, now is the time! It’s not just rustic patterns adorning the front of this year’s cosy knits – designers far and wide are competing to come up with the most […]

Why did Lady C leave the jungle?

It’s been a tense few days Down Under – and after a string of campfire arguments and bickering in the bush, the campmate at the centre of it all has thrown in the towel. Did she jump before she was pushed? Once celebrated for her eccentricity, Lady C is now loathed for her cruel insults […]